iPhone 14 Plus lack of interest crushes manufacturer revenue

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A severe lack of demand for Apple's iPhone 14 Plus was a "crucial factor" in one of Apple's manufacturing partners reporting a clear decline in its November revenues, according to a new report. 

News from Digitimes indicates that Apple's brand new 'Plus' iPhone 14, a newcomer to the lineup this year meant to replace the ailing 'mini' iPhone, is suffering from a lack of consumer interest. 

Apple announced the iPhone 14 Plus earlier this year alongside the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, the latter boasting heavy improvements over the previous year's model including an Always-On display, 48MP camera, and Dynamic Island. 

Analysis: The problem child

The report, if true, reflects a deeper question for Apple about how to fill the problematic fourth spot in its iPhone lineup. The Pro and Pro Max iPhones are always Apple's best iPhones on offer and have no trouble selling. In fact, they're proving awfully hard to get hold of this year. Likewise, the iPhone 14, although not as popular, is a regular seller and a proven hit. However, Apple has struggled with first the iPhone 'mini' and now the 'Plus' to find a hit fourth device. Apple's iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 routinely accounted for around 5% of iPhone sales when they were available, and figures for this year suggest the iPhone 14 Plus isn't doing much better. 

As noted in the report, Pegatroni is also feeling the traditional "slack season" in consumer electronics. This has likely been exacerbated this year by global economic headwinds and the cost of living crisis, which is forcing everyone to tighten their belts. 

With iPhone 15 and the switch to USB-C on the horizon for 2023, it remains to be seen whether Apple will stick with a Plus model, or replace it in favor of something else. Apple could even drop the model altogether. There have been hints and rumors that one iPhone next year may be an "Ultra" iPhone that appeals to even higher-end tastes. 

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