iPhone 14 Pro leaks confirm rumored display cutouts ahead of Apple’s September 7 event

Purple Iphone 14 Pro Render
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Though the Apple iPhone 14 event will be held on Sept. 7, a new iPhone 14 Pro leak has surfaced, which allegedly confirms the new display cutouts and status bar items, according to MacRumors. From the leak, it appears that there will be a pill-shaped and hole-punch cutout for the iPhone 14 Pro TrueDepth camera, replacing the infamous notch.

Numerous iPhone 14 Pro display leaks

iPhone 14 Pro closeup photo of alleged pill and hole punch shaped cutouts for TrueDepth camera array

(Image credit: DuanRui / Twitter)

This iPhone 14 Pro leak originally came from Weibo, a Chinese social media site, and was shared by a Twitter user by the name of “DuanRui.” The leaked image purportedly shows a close-up photo of the pill and hole punch cutouts for the new TrueDepth camera array layout, which has since been reported by MacRumors.

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Another Twitter leaker, by the name of “Ice Universe,” also shared an image of an iPhone 14 Pro dummy unit. However, this one features artificial cutouts, so the Weibo leak seems a lot more credible. Still, it seems that the notch will definitely be no more, at least on the iPhone 14 Pro, and will be replaced with the pill and hole punch cutouts instead.

A new display cutout means slight adjustments to status bar items

Screenshot of slightly rearranged status bar items on iPhone 14 Pro Max screenshot compared to iPhone 13 Pro Max

(Image credit: ShrimpApplePro / Twitter)

The leaks don’t stop here either. Someone by the name of “ShrimpApplePro” also shared a portion of a screenshot from what they claim to be an iPhone 14 Pro Max and laid it over an identical screenshot from an iPhone 13 Pro Max. This was done to show that Apple, if these leaks are true, is planning on enlarging and realigning items in the status bar to take into account the new pill and hole-punch cutouts. 

ShrimpApplePro also has another screenshot that shows the status bar just on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which has repositioned the icons for cellular signal, Wi-Fi, and battery — they will be slightly lower toward the right.

iPhone 14 Pro screenshot shows slightly adjusted positioning for status bar items

(Image credit: ShrimpApplePro / Twitter)

The pill-shaped and hole-punch cutouts will only be on the iPhone 14 Pro models, as the standard iPhone 14 will still have the notch that is found on the iPhone 13 series. The new pill and hole-punch TrueDepth camera array will be an exclusive selling point for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max devices, along with the possibility of having the new A16 Bionic chip, an always-on display, and 48-megapixel camera, thus further increasing the camera bump on the back.

With the iPhone 14 event just days away, we’re even more hyped up for what Apple has in store for us with the next best iPhone. And don’t forget that we should also expect a new Apple Watch Series 8 (along with a possible rugged model and a new SE), and the new AirPods Pro 2.

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