iPhoto is part of Apple's iLife suite and is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The iPhoto app not only helps you keep your photos organized, it also allows you to edit and enhance your photos, share them, and more.

The iLife suite and iPhoto have been available on the Mac for many years. Originally iPhoto was one of the only ways you could import, save, and share photos on your Mac. Over time it evolved into an editing and sharing tool. iPhoto is essentially a slimmed down version of Apple's popular photo management app, Aperture. iPhoto lets you sort your photos into events and albums. You can choose to sort through photos manually or let iPhoto split them off according to when you took them. You can also use the Faces feature of iPhoto to filter and search for photos of specific people quickly and easily.

In the summer of 2012, Apple brought iPhoto to both the iPhone and iPad. It brought with it many of the enhancements and tools Mac users had been able to use in iPhoto for years. For those that want to share photos, iPhoto on iOS lets you publish collections of photos to iCloud via the iCloud Journals feature. Unfortunately iPhoto for iOS and OS X can't yet sync albums and events wirelessly via iCloud, which would make it the ultimate way to sort and organize your photos across both platforms.

iPhoto is available for free with any new Mac and any new iPhone or iPad purchased after September 1, 2013. You can grab it for both iOS and OS X via the links below.

  • iPhoto for iOS - $4.99 (free for newer iPhone and iPad owners) - Download Now
  • iPhoto for Mac - $14.99 (free for newer Mac owners) - Download Now

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