Mimeo Photos extends lineup of products with new wall decor options

Acrylic Quality
Acrylic Quality (Image credit: Mimeo Photos)

What you need to know

  • Mimeo Photos is launching new wall decor products.
  • The wall decor comes in canvas, metal, and acrylic options.
  • All wall decor options can be in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Wall decor comes in four sizes: 8x10", 11x14", 16x20", and 20x30".
  • Wall Decor products start at $34.99.
  • You can order your own through the Mimeo Photos Mac app or from the website.

Mimeo Photos, the No. 1 photo product extension in the Mac App Store for premium photo books, prints, calendars, cards, and more, has launched a new line of wall decor products. Users of Mimeo Photos can now turn their photos into unique acrylic, metal, or canvas wall decorations, which range in size from standard 8-by-10-inches up to 20-by-30-inches.

If you've never heard of Mimeo Photos, the company has been handcrafting photo books, cards, and calendars for Apple for over a decade. In 2017, Apple ended its in-house photo printing services with Mimeo, resulting in Mimeo Photos launching as a macOS app extension.

"We've thoroughly enjoyed working with Apple and Apple Photos end users for the last ten years and are pleased to continue to innovate for them with the introduction of Wall Decor, said John Delbridge, CEO of Mimeo Photos. "Quality products are essential to the Mimeo Photos customer and the same premium quality they've become accustomed to will be reflected in our new Wall Decor offerings."

With these new wall decor products, customers will have three options to choose from:

The classic gallery wrapped canvas wall decoration comes with hinged hardware so you can hang it up anywhere to warm up the surrounding space. The 8-by-10-inch size even comes with an easel back so you can display it easily on a tabletop. The gallery-grade canvas is carefully stretched over a perfectly-cornered frame and has a special coating that keeps your images looking as stunning as ever.

Wall Decor For Social

Wall Decor For Social (Image credit: Mimeo Photos)

The premium metal wall decor arrives ready to go with an easy-to-display mounting block. Images are infused onto a lightweight metal panel with a glossy finish, and this decoration adds a modern touch to any room in the house.

The acrylic option arrives ready to display, with a mounting block for the 8-by-10-inch size, and a french cleat for all other sizes. This decoration adds a delightful, upscale element to any home. With the acrylic, you get an optically clear digital grade acrylic pane that measures .220-inches thick with polished edges. The clear layer's depth creates a distinctive 3D effect that is unlike any of the other decor options.

No matter which option you choose, all of the wall decor can come in portrait or landscape orientation, and you have four sizes to choose from: 8x10", 11x14", 16x20", and 20x30". They can also have varying themes, including single, double, and even four image displays. All wall decor can also be enhanced with text, borders, background colors, and patterns if you wish.

"Launching Wall Decor is an exciting opportunity for our brand and our customers," said Sean Doherty, General Manager of Mimeo Photos. "Since Mimeo Photos launched in 2017, we've had requests to expand our product assortment and did so with all standard and many unique print sizes including large format prints. We're now pleased to continue expanding our offering through 12 new Wall Decor products and have worked hard to deliver the highest quality standards our customers expect."

Mimeo Photos Wall Decor will start at $34.99 and go up from there, depending on which option you choose and the size. To begin creating your own wall decor, make sure to download the app on the Mac App Store or head on over to www.mimeophotos.com.

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