Luminar Flex plugin adds more goodies to your existing photo-editing tool

Skylum Software on Thursday released a new plugin for photographers who want access to unique photo adjustments and effects, but don't want to switch software titles. Luminar Flex is a plugin that adds the popular Luminar engine and filter set to existing photo-editing workflows. At launch, Luminar Flex is compatible with third-party such as Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop Elements, and Photos for macOS.

Available to purchase through the Skylum Software website, Luminar Flex offer over 50 filters for corrections and enhancements not found elsewhere. Among these is the introduction of Luminar Looks. Using artificial intelligence, this tool provides more than 70 one-click Looks which you can use as a starting point to create unique projects.

There's also the Accent AI that automatically analyzes and corrects photos using more than a dozen controls at once; AI Sky Enhancer, which adds color to images featuring dulls skies; and Golden Hour, which brings a warm-toned sunlit effect to photos; and much more.

Luminar Flex also offers a new set of workspaces including:

  • Expert: All essential tools that professional photographers need for image processing.
  • Black & White: Optimized for creating black and white masterpieces.
  • Image Aware: Smart Workspace for fast and high-quality image-aware processing thanks to the power of AI.
  • Intensify: Boost the details and structure in the photographs to get very clear and detail-rich image.
  • Drone & Aerial: Essential tools for quick edits of drone photos.
  • Film Lab: Tools for emulating the style and effects of film photography.
  • Relight and Color: Essential tools for creative photography.
  • Portrait: Optimized for creating beautiful portraits shot under any light.

The Luminar Flex plugin is fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements, and also ties into Adobe Lightroom Classic CC's external editing system and Photos for macOS's extensions. Also, as a Photoshop user, you can benefit by using Luminar Flex with Smart Objects, allowing you to revise edits even after closing a document.

luminar flex with photos for Mac

Up until this point, many of the tools provided in Luminar Flex were limited to Skylum Software's Luminar 3 standalone title. With the launch of Luminar Flex, those tools are finally available to users of other photo-editing software.

Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum explains:

The Luminar Flex plugin lets photographers continue to use their host software of choice, while taking advantage of Luminar's one-of-a-kind editing features, such as Accent AI, Golden Hour, Details Enhancer and AI Sky Enhancer.

Luminar Flex looks very interesting; you can download a tree trial copy through the Skylum Software website. Luminar Flex is $59 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Bryan M Wolfe
Staff Writer

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