iPod nano fashion: a lady's best high-tech friend?

iPod nano fashion? I was more than excited when Steve Jobs announced the new iPod nano. Not because I am a huge music lover but because of the multitude of different ways that I could use it. This new iPod nano is a tech geek girls fashion dream come true.

Follow along after the break to see just some of the ways I've been accessorizing with the new iPod nano, and how well it's been working out.

iPod nano hair clip

This may be more of a dream than a reality. I found that if you use the iPod nano all alone in your hair it is prone to slipping out. If you are going to put it in your hair it is much more secure if you attach it to a hair elastic. It was already slipping out before I even began to walk around. I think if Apple has added a bit of rubber to the edges of the clip it would be much more secure. Steve why did you let me down!

iPod nano pony tail clip

Wearing the iPod nano in your hair is quite cute but lacks the functionality of being able to actually see the new 1.5-inch screen. If you already have a playlist playing and are comfortable using the headset remote buttons to play, pause, and change, its ok but still not ideal. It was quite secure though. You could even go jogging and have them stay in place.

iPod nano watch

The iPod nano is just screaming to be used as a watch. It is the perfect size and with a multitude of different functions it may be the first in a new smart watch generation. Get real iOS and and App Store onto this bad boy and there'd be no stopping us. For the band I use a tight fitting bracelet which is not too thick. This way the clasp on the iPod Nano is able to fully close. I also really liked attaching the iPod nano to my hair elastic. It was quite secure and comfortable.

iPod nano watch

iPod nano earring

Yes the new iPod nano are very capable of being used as earrings. It is easy to use some two part epoxy and attach a loop and then a regular fishhook earring holder. It is a bit heavy for an earring (though I have worn heavier). It would also present the same issue of not being able to easily change your application or music. For the picture I just clipped the nano right onto my ear, this was not the most comfortable of ways to wear it, however, nor was it very secure.

iPod nano necklace

This is one of my favourite ways to wear the iPod nano. It makes a beautiful show piece and is very user friendly. It is also very beautiful and when I go around people just think it is another piece of jewelry. Then I turn it on and everyone is left in awe.

And more...?

I am sure that I have just covered the tip of the iceberg with some cool new ways to wear your iPod Nano. If you have any other cool new ideas, comment away!


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