Greenpois0n not only works for the AT&T iPhone 4, it will also jailbreak your Verizon iPhone 4 on iOS 4.2.6. I had no issues the first time out. It's pretty straight forward and pretty much the exact same process you'd use to jailbreak an AT&T iPhone 4 with Greenpois0n running iOS 4.2.1. HIt the jump to find out what you'll need. We'll also give you a quick walkthrough as well.

What you'll need

  • Verizon iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.6
  • Either a PC or a Mac
  • Greenpois0n RC5 b4, Mac Version - PC Version

This jailbreak is also untethered so you won't have to worry about having to connect your iPhone 4 to your PC every time you want to reboot like a lot of users did under redsn0w on iOS 4.2.1 (until greenpois0n came along).

How to jailbreak

  1. Download Greepois0n from one of the links above (Mac or PC).
  2. Save it somewhere easily accessible. I always put mine in the dock of my Mac. It's easy to find if I ever need it again.
  3. Make sure you have backed up all of your data via a sync in iTunes before proceeding any further.
  4. Plug your Verizon iPhone into your computer via USB and turn it OFF.
  5. Launch greenpois0n
  6. Once you are ready to begin click Jailbreak. greenpois0n will walk you through putting your iPhone into DFU mode. If you mess up the first time, that's okay, it will fail and you can simply try again.
  7. After you have correctly entered DFU mode, greenpois0n will begin jailbreaking your phone. (As a side note, a lot of users reported the jailbreak failed because they did not hold the home button down long enough. I suggest holding it down for a few seconds even after the jailbreak begins installing, just to be safe.)
  8. Let greenpois0n do its thing. Once it says "Complete!", click it to close out greenpois0n.
  9. When your phone boots back up, you should see a Loader Icon on your screen, tap it.
  10. Then choose to install Cydia. Once it's done, close out of Loader, let your phone respring and make sure Cydia is on your homescreen.
  11. Once Cydia is installed, go back into Loader, tap options and uninstall Loader.
  12. Close out of Loader and your phone will respring one more time in order to uninstall Loader.
  13. Congrats! Your Verizon iPhone 4 is now jailbroken! Launch Cydia and let it update. If it asks you to do a complete or essential upgrade, click complete.
  14. Once it is done, you should be able to re-enter Cydia and start enjoying all kinds of fancy jailbreak tweaks and apps!

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