Jared's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

Much like the other TiPb staff, my most used apps are the native applications that come pre-installed on the iPhone and iPad, but unfortunately they don't meet  all my needs. I have spent a lot of time (more than I would like to admit) in the App Store looking for applications that fit my needs, and I have found a bunch that I use on a daily basis.

Camera +

I love to take pictures with my iPhone 4, for a cell phone camera it can take some rather stunning pictures, but sometimes you need just a small edit or two to make it what you really like. Camera + allows me to not only take great pictures, but it loads quicker than the stock camera, and allows me to further crop and edit my photos than the stock one allows. The additional filters and edits allow me to take a standard picture, spice it up a bit and then share it right from the app if I wish.

$0.99 - App Store Link


One of my favorite gadgets that I got this year was a Sonos system, and the ability to control it from my iPhone makes it even better. The Sonos controller is only helpful if you have a Sonos system to use it with, but it allows me to easily manage multiple zones of audio in my house, set alarms, download firmware updates for the system and much more. If you have a Sonos system this application is a must have on your iOS device.

Free - App Store Link


Twitter is a great social media tool, and Tweetbot does a great job of allowing you to make the most out of Twitter in an enjoyable fashion. With added features like double and triple tap, swiping left and right and more the application is not only packed with features, but absolutely beautifully designed. If you enjoy a well designed, feature loaded application that won't break the bank, this is a great choice.

$2.99 - App Store Link

Google +

Google+ isn't such a hit all around with everyone, but being an Android user also (insert your boo here) I love Google+ and the iPhone application offers a pretty good experience for it. Google+ is a great way to communicate with a wide variety of people and the threaded replies to posts keep it nice and organized. The iPhone application appears to receive as much support from Google as the Android version which makes me happy, and the control of the notifications is great with tons of options.

Free - App Store Link


Recently in an effort to remain organized, and become more productive I have begun using Google Tasks since I live in my Gmail inbox, and can easily add tasks to be reminded about at a later time. Finding an application that offered solid sync, push notifications and some added features was a bit of a struggle but AirToDo has nailed every feature I needed, and more. Being able to set reminders by time and date is awesome, and you can add notes, locations, and more which help keep you nice and organized.

$0.99 - App Store Link

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