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Jawbone announces MINI JAMBOX, companion app, tons of boom

Jawbone has announced the MINI JAMBOX, the third in its JAMBOX line of Bluetooth speakers. A slimmer, lighter Jambox, the MINI JAMBOX features new speaker designs and colors compared to the original and BIG JAMBOX. The MINI connects using Bluetooth Low-Energy, unlike it's bigger siblings, and is supposed to get 10 hours of battery life, as opposed to th 15 hours of the other models.

Jawbone has also released an app for iOS and Android that lets you connect to your JAMBOX. Simply called Jawbone, the app allows you to access you music, either your iPhone's music library or a Rdio, Spotify, or Deezer account, and play it through the app when connected to your JAMBOX. Add your favorite playlists from different sources so that they're all in the same place. If you have a MINI JAMBOX, the Jawbone app lets you updated the device through the app when software updates become available, though the app connects to all models of JAMBOX.

The MINI JAMBOX is now available for pre-order for $179.99, the same price as the original JAMBOX. The MINI is expected to ship later this month. Anyone buying?

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  • Am I missing something? The mini has less battery life and Is smaller, but it's the same price as the original? Actually, you can get the original now for cheaper. Are they going to discontinue it or raise the price?
  • i can't imagine that i'd ever need to get this, i love my jambox and my big jambox but have never ever gotten 15 hours out of the battery and i can't recall them ever advertising anything more than 10 but no matter. i won't be picking this or any other jawbone products up ever again as they recently made a political statement that i can't support and will be sending my money to other companies, it's a shame really as jawbone makes some great items.
  • What political statement did they make?
  • Come on iMore! Been with you guys from you were the TiPB! Let me have the iPhone! I need something to convert me back from Android!
  • I bought a Bose Soundlink Mini and can't imagine this will be better. It certainly won't beat the tank like aluminum build of the Bose. Jawbone waited to long to update and now there are many better alternatives available.