Join the discussion: 24 hours without a phone?

Maybe you've gone a while without internet because you've been traveling, or maybe you've forgotten your phone in your locker or at your desk while on lunch for an hour or so. Regardless of the time, you've probably spent a minute or two away from you phone at one point or another,

But if you had to go 24 hours without a phone, do you think you could actually do it?

Folks, Can you do it? Can you go 24 hours with out a device? 24 hours without your iPhone, Android, iPad, other tablet, PC, Mac, etc? I'm going to try this on Saturday, ONLY because I would otherwise be forced to use a PC at work during the week. BUT this saturday, no WAIT make it, this SUNDAY, mother's day. I will go 24 hours without electronic devices. Who's with me? Who else can do...


Some people are all like, "LOL. NOPE."

Hmmm, that's not gonna happen....LOL


While others say a small break has the potential to be really good for your mental health…

Do it from Friday night through Monday morning. Guarantee you will feel mentally and physically better on Monday.


If you had to give up your phone for 24 hours, do you think you could? Or would it get ugly quickly? [Hop on into the forums and join our discussion( and let us know if you'd be screaming SOS after 24 hours without your phone.

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