Join the discussion: iPhone 7 Plus or Galaxy S8+?

Die-hard Apple fans will always be die-hard Apple fans, but it's hard to ignore the look, feel, and features that the Galaxy S8+ has packed into its sleek-looking frame.

So we wanted to ask the question: if you had the option, would you choose the Galaxy S8+ over the iPhone 7 Plus?

Hold off on the booo's here, just want to get some discussion going :) I've been honestly very impressed with the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Looks like a darn solid phone, and that display, well, it looks great. My question(s) for you. Would you EVER consider switching to Android and pick up something like an S8? Or are you locked into the Apple ecosystem, LOVE everything Apple, and pick up an...

James Falconer

Have an S8+ - it's a stunningly beautiful phone - but keeping my 7+ too. Until I'm certain an Android handset can sustain battery like the iPhone, I'll probably never switch over permanently. I've been burned by many of them. But I like SO much more about the Android operating system than I do iOS. Of course, all the stuff Android does/allows is probably the reason the battery doesn't last like...


Why would you pick the iPhone 7 Plus over the Galaxy S8+ or vice versa? Are you someone who's super attached to your iPhone and couldn't imagine parting with it, or are you ready for a change with the Galaxy S8+?

Join the discussion in our forums and let your voice be heard as to why one phone is catching your eye more than the other!

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  • Can't be bothered with Android, I want the Apple ecosystem!
  • Neither. I'm using my 6+ and the wife is using her 6, until the new iPhones come out. I have a Samsung free home. (At least on the outside, I know Sammy makes the chips and displays for other companies.) It's funny how the last year's iPhone walks all over the S8. Apple's chipsets have to be a thorn in Sammy's side. I've owned Android (HTC, suck it Samsung) before I got my first iPhone (6+) and I didn't like it.
  • I wont lie and say I am not looking at the S8 but I like my Apples. Last time I bought an Android (Note7) as soon as I left the store I regretted trading in my iPhone 6s Plus. I am into the ecosystem plus the apps are so much more refined on Apple. I can log into my bank, credit card and more with my thumb print, I could not do that on the android and honestly I have forgotten quite a few passwords because of this.
  • Would I consider it? Yes, of course. I'm not unreasonable. But I'd still choose the iPhone 7 Plus. I don't care for Samsung's curved Edge display, and I haven't wanted another Android phone in a few years. If I did, I'd consider the LG G6 over the Galaxy S8
  • What about frequent security updates? What about the number and quality of apps? What about interoperability with my Apple products? What about battery issues (exploding and all-day performance)? What about my personal privacy?? C'mon…
  • So far with my personal Galaxy S7 Edge I've received a security update every month since purchase (I'm currently on the April one).
  • It didn't used to be like that, but I'm glad that security updates are frequent now, in this day and age it's way to risky to have your device exposed.
  • If I may inquire, which carrier are you on?
  • I have used the iPhone 7 plus for three month and I am fall in love with it.
    The new galaxy s8 is amazing, but I will not update to it due to I am wait for the iPhone 8.
  • I'm a huge Android fan. But forced to the iPhone because of work blocks on Android, and I think I've switched to stay. Too many things the iPhone does better... TouchID, iMessage, Facetime, superior notifications, iMovie, amazing battery life and reliability, leather cases, portrait mode on the 7 Plus, superior apps, airpods, Apple Watch, the list goes on and on for things I cannot give up now. Sure, Android gave me access to the file system, which I miss. And LastPass was integrated better. But never had an Android phone where something didn't bug the **** out of me. Never had that with an iPhone. Still love Android, but don't miss the drama... and the stupidly angry users.
  • Agree with you on all the points except AirPods (terrible sound quality), battery life (my work 7Plus dies way before my personal GS7 Edge, and I use the latter more), and notifications which are far more usable on Android than iOS.
  • Not gonna lie, the S8 is a really, really good looking phone. The design is absolutely gorgeous. Would buy it except for all the other stuff that I just don't like about Samsung, particularly the operating system. If it ran pure Android, then I'd seriously consider it, except again, for the fact that my iPhone just works with my Mac better than any phone could ever do. Plus consistency, reliability, and performance, all things that I value very highly with something that I'll use every day. I'm looking forward to the iPhone 8 personally. It's gonna be better than the iPhone 7, which is already better than the S8, so double better!
  • Strangely I’m not keen on it. I’ve only used Samsung variants as far as Android goes and I’m not impressed. I’ll be sticking with iPhone though not for the eco system. I deliberately go out of my way not to purchase software and services from Apple these days.
    Really like OSX and my mac Pro though.
  • I've traded my 7 Plus for the Galaxy s8 Plus. The Galaxy feels amazing in the hand considering it has a 6.2" screen. Loving the phone but definitely still missing a few things from my iPhone especially the dual cameras and Portrait mode. Oh and iMessage and Facetime of course. If ever I'm out with the wife and kids and photo opportunities arise I still grab my wife's 7 Plus and use that. It's still the best camera I've ever used on a phone and I put that ahead of my beloved Lumia 1020 with 41mp from a few years ago. No doubt come September and the new iPhone's come out especially the rumoured Edition model I'll be thinking of jumping back
  • I have them both and I have to say, you just can't win with either. I have been using Apple since the iPhone 4 because it was finally on a good network. I have not regretted it since because I felt the software and hardware were always better even though Samsung has gotten more interesting the last few years. HOWEVER, the S8+ is a keeper. The screen, rear camera, overall design, and how light and thin this phone is keeps me going back to it. After having it for almost a week, I hate using my iPhone but I have to because of iMessage. iOS is still the superior software platform. Gaming on it is a great pleasure, but I want it on the galaxy S8+ screen. Most of the apps and upscaling works for Android, but overall, the iPhone can be the ultimate phone. Right now, that is not the case. Samsung has created a phone that really outshines the iPhone 7 design. I can't say enough good things about the camera. I have been jealous of it since the S6, but even with S8+ camera being a S7 lens, the software processing is amazing. Apparently not as good as the Google Pixel according to a lot of other people, but I find it a significant step up from the 7 Plus. My only gripe about the camera is the app. I don't feel it being too friendly and I forget the gestures from time to time, but I will still grab my S8+ before my 7 Plus to take pictures without hesitation. Yes the S8+ is slower, but you have to use this phone to realize how amazing it is. I know my iPhone will work and will be my main communication devices, but for me to be crazy and carry a second phone to feel like i have the latest and greatest while holding on to what I feel is the past that is currently connecting me to the present, I feel we have another iPhone moment. We shall see what the next few years holds for these two competitors.
  • It all depends on "yet to release iPhone" for me atleast, my biggest complain with iPhone is the screen of normal version which is 720p and I don't like the Plus versions as they're too bulky for me and my second complaint is WHY ARE NORMAL AND PLUS VERSIONS HAVE DIFFERENT HARDWARE. it doesn't need to be Apple should give me a choice like Apple Watch let me pick what I want.
  • Never understood why this is a problem. People don't complain when they buy the smaller car and not all options are available for it.
  • Well this isn't a smaller car exactly its not like I'm buying Hatchback and expecting all the things from Sedan. I'm asking simple thing make both models with same hardware so that I don't have to buy giant phone for dual camera. Why can't they just give two options like Apple Watch.
  • The salient question regarding these two devices is "Will the device continue to receive OS updates in the future?" For the iPhone 7+ the answer is obviously yes, it will receive iOS updates for the foreseeable future, probably at least 2-3 more years down the road based on Apple's track record, so if you plan to keep the phone for several years, it will receive security and OS updates with no problem. For the S8 the answer is "maybe". When buying an Android device, no matter who makes it, there is NO assurance that it will ever receive a future OS update of any kind. And that is why I will never buy one.
  • Providing you buy a well known Android device, the online community often releases custom ROMs which can keep your device updated even when the manufacturer stops supporting it.
  • For a flagship Samsung you'll get at least 3 years of OS upgrades. Of course you have to wait longer than an iPhone/Nexus/Pixel since Samsung needs time to add it's extra features and UI, and then you also have to wait for carriers to push the update out.
  • I watched some of the videos about the new Galaxy S8 and yes, even as an iPhone user, I was seriously impressed. The software package that comes with it is miles ahead of what they had years ago. If I wasn't so entrenched in the iPhone ecosystem I would probably consider a move but two things have to happen before I even think about it. 1. The carriers have to get out of the way of these devices. I would want a Samsung phone with none of the usual carrier BS. No bloatware, no ads, no nothing from the carriers. I do not want their dirty hands in the pot.
    2. Guaranteed updates and not just security updates. If Google comes out with Android 8.x next year I want Android 8.x on my device within three months. Yeah... wishful thinking, hence the reason why I switched to the iPhone. There's just something about having a device that my carrier can't touch. My carrier is essentially a "dumb pipe" and I like it that way, they deliver my bits and that's all I want.
  • Only problem with no carrier input is like me with my carrier free s8+ you often lose features like wifi calling or calling over 4g as the carriers have to enable them unlike iphone Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Do people switch in serious numbers these days?
  • There's a lot of competition between Android's flexibility and iOS's ease of use. People will jump to Android because there are new features that either won't make it to iOS or will take time. At the same time, people will switch to iOS due to the simplicity, the fact the device works smoothly and has many high quality exclusive apps from big developers
  • although samsung or any other android phones does have very nice phones and I do like some of them. But one thing I don't like is the android software. Ever since blackberry slowly became extinct, i have always been an iPhone user. I love the software that it can do so much but still keeps its simplicity so it's very user friendly for all ages. One thing I got to say is that the iPhone 7 did not impress me at all. Now using a 6s plus iPhone love this phone