Join the discussion: iPhone 7 Plus or Galaxy S8+?

Die-hard Apple fans will always be die-hard Apple fans, but it's hard to ignore the look, feel, and features that the Galaxy S8+ has packed into its sleek-looking frame.

So we wanted to ask the question: if you had the option, would you choose the Galaxy S8+ over the iPhone 7 Plus?

Hold off on the booo's here, just want to get some discussion going :) I've been honestly very impressed with the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Looks like a darn solid phone, and that display, well, it looks great. My question(s) for you. Would you EVER consider switching to Android and pick up something like an S8? Or are you locked into the Apple ecosystem, LOVE everything Apple, and pick up an...

James Falconer

Have an S8+ - it's a stunningly beautiful phone - but keeping my 7+ too. Until I'm certain an Android handset can sustain battery like the iPhone, I'll probably never switch over permanently. I've been burned by many of them. But I like SO much more about the Android operating system than I do iOS. Of course, all the stuff Android does/allows is probably the reason the battery doesn't last like...


Why would you pick the iPhone 7 Plus over the Galaxy S8+ or vice versa? Are you someone who's super attached to your iPhone and couldn't imagine parting with it, or are you ready for a change with the Galaxy S8+?

Join the discussion in our forums and let your voice be heard as to why one phone is catching your eye more than the other!

Cella Lao Rousseau

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