Join the discussion: Matte Black owners - how's the finish holding up?

The Matte Black look for the iPhone was something new with the reals of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and people were pumped about the sleek-looking, modern new finish.

While some people said that the matte texture made fingerprints and scratches stick out like a sore thumb, others argued that a simple case and some care could have your iPhone looking funky-fresh 24/7.

But now that a couple of months have passed, how's that finish holding up? We're chatting in the forums to see if it's worth it to go matte!

For all the matte black owners out there... is the finish holding up nicely on your phone? I don't have one, but have wondered how that finish would hold over time...

James Falconer

Some say that after having their iPhone for a couple of months, it still looks brand spankin' new:

I've had mine for a little over 6 months and the phone looks brand new. I keep a case on it when I'm out of the house or office, but there hasn't been any wear from taking them off and on. I'm very happy with my color choice.


The color on my matte black is holding up well. No scratches, chips or other blemishes. Phone is always kept in a case. Switched to an S8+ a week ago so my iPhone will still be in perfect condition when I pick it up again.


… While others say they've seen slight changed over time:

I have noticed some small spots from dirt or whatever rubbing on the finish around the edges where the case touch the phone on the matte finish after leaving it in the case for a while.


But what do you think? Join our discussion in the forums and let us know if your Matte Black iPhone is falling short over time – or maybe once you've gone matte, you can't possibly go back!

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