Just Dance Now app revealed, turns your smartphone into a dance game controller

Ubisoft's highly successful Just Dance dancing game franchise is getting a new and very interesting addition, Just Dance Now. It's an upcoming smartphone app that basically turns your iOS device into a dance controller for a large screen such as a tablet, PC or an Internet enabled smart TV.

Revealed as part of Ubisoft's E3 2014 press conference, Just Dance Now is supposed to work with WiFi, 3G and 4G connections. The most interesting thing about the app is that there should be no limit to the amount of players that can join in one Just Dance Now game. Ubisoft said it can even be as high as 20,000 people, all using their smartphones with the Just Dance Now app at once in one big game, located in a stadium or arena.

A release date and specific platforms were not revealed for Just Dance Now, nor was there any mention of a price tag for the app. However, the game was clearly shown as being demonstrated on an iPhone during the press event so it's most likely to be headed to the App Store first.

Source: Spike TV

John Callaham

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