kerf wood iPhone case

Kerf's Wood iPhone Cases are a work of art, simply put. Each case is hand-carved from a single piece of sustainable solid wood so there are no seams. The aesthetic appeal of this case is undeniable, but there are some functional limitations to be aware of before you buy.

kerf wood iPhone case

Kerf Wood iPhone Case

Price: From $69

Bottom line: This solid wood, ultra-suede lined case wraps your iPhone in luxury

The Good

  • Stunning aesthetics
  • Solid, seamless wood design
  • Ultra-suede lining
  • Protective
  • Tons of wood grain choices

The Bad

  • Pricey
  • Slippery
  • Bulky

Form and function

Kerf Wood iPhone Case: Features

kerf wood iPhone case

Kerf's Wood iPhone Case is hand-carved from a single piece of sustainable solid wood, so there are no seams or interlocking parts on this case. All of the button covers are wood and work fine. There are cutouts for the camera, mute switch, lightning port, and each individual speaker hole. The Kerf branding is carved unobtrusively on one edge.

Wireless charging works fine with my phone in this case. The Lightning port cutout fits the Apple cable just fine, but it does not accommodate my third-party charging cables.

Turn your iPhone into a work of art with this stunning hand-carved natural wood case.

It does feel protective. The wood is thick, as is the lining, and the lip of the case comes well above the level of the screen. The lining is ultra-suede.

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Choose from familiar wood grains like Walnut, Cherry, and Maple. Or go exotic with woods such as Purpleheart, Paduak, or Figured Sapele for a higher cost. You can also have the case custom carved with text or an image, for an upcharge. It's available for every iPhone model as far back as the iPhone SE, plus a number of other smartphones.

Natural wood beauty

Kerf Wood iPhone Case: What I like

This is one of the most beautiful cases I've put on my iPhone. I'll always choose natural materials over plastic, and wood is one of my favorites. This case comes in many different kinds of wood. Whether you like light wood or dark wood, subtle grain or major knots and whorls, familiar or exotic, your tastes are covered. It's so soft and smooth, I find myself touching it, petting it, throughout the day.

kerf wood iPhone case


Kerf Wood iPhone Case: What I don't like

This case's major flaw is that it's slippery. It might even be more slippery than the phone itself, particularly because it makes the phone noticeably bigger. The case has a squared-off design, so it definitely adds some bulk to the iPhone.

I can't ignore the price. If you want a more exotic wood, or to add text, or to add a custom image, you can get into three-figure pricing very quickly.

Art piece for your iPhone

Kerf Wood iPhone Case: Bottom line

4 out of 5

If you don't mind the added bulk or lack of grippiness, Kerf's Wood iPhone Case is like a wood sculpture encasing your iPhone. The beauty of this elegant case is unparalleled.

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