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Leak suggests that the next 13-inch MacBook Pro will feature Intel's 10th generation Ice Lake chips

13-inch MacBook Pro
13-inch MacBook Pro (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • New benchmark leaks show a glimpse into the new 13-inch MacBook Pro.
  • According to the benchmarks, Apple is using Intel's 10th generation Ice Lake chips.
  • It will result in CPU speeds of 12% faster and GPU speeds of 29% faster.

After Apple launched the new 16-inch MacBook Pro with its slimmer display, upgraded internals, and scissor-switch keyboard (death to the butterfly), it seemed that everyone's reaction was to ask when these updates would be coming to the 13-inch MacBook Pro. People began to speculate if the smaller MacBook Pro would also enjoy that new display and that wonderful new keyboard.

Over the weekend, we got a potential look at one of the changes coming to the new model. Reported by MacRumors, someone leaked what is potentially a benchmark of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro and, if it is genuine, reveals that Apple plans to implement Intel's 10th generation Ice Lake processors into the laptop.

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Comparing the new benchmark to Apple's current high-end 13-inch Macbook Pro, which was released in 2019, shows that the new model may increase CPU performance by 12% and GPU performance by 29%. The current generation of MacBook Pro is still sporting Intel's 8th generation processors, so this kind of jump is expected.

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If the new 13-inch Macbook Pro does feature Ice Lake chips, it will be the first Mac to do so. The new model is rumored to see a launch in the first half of this year, so we could see it unveiled at the company's rumored March event, later at WWDC 2020, or even in a press release as Apple has for more recent products.

Joe Wituschek

Joe Wituschek is a Contributor at iMore. With over ten years in the technology industry, one of them being at Apple, Joe now covers the company for the website. In addition to covering breaking news, Joe also writes editorials and reviews for a range of products. He fell in love with Apple products when he got an iPod nano for Christmas almost twenty years ago. Despite being considered a "heavy" user, he has always preferred the consumer-focused products like the MacBook Air, iPad mini, and iPhone 13 mini. He will fight to the death to keep a mini iPhone in the lineup. In his free time, Joe enjoys video games, movies, photography, running, and basically everything outdoors.

  • Considering they are the top of the line chips now, I would freaking hope so. But hey, apple users don't look at specs anyways.
  • Pretty sure they do care about specs, although it's more important for people who are really pushing the envelope in what their computer can do. If you're doing word processing, emails and browsing the internet, the baseline MacBook Air would be more than good enough. If you're editing 8K footage with a need to get it processed in a certain amount of time, then looking at the specs is very important
  • Deflect and defend. Order of the day here.
  • What am I defending? Mac users who care about specs?
  • No, the fact that apple is always a generation behind in everything desktop and Laptop specific. And 95% of apple users don't care. The newest macbook pro is already a generation old in processing power, but the lemmings will still buy it up in droves. It's quite funny. Apple is on top of their game in the mobile department, but lags greatly in the personal computing space. I guess they have conceded in that area. Even the mac pro is a ****. WAY over priced for what you get, not to mention the monitor, a lg monitor you can buy for 1200 bucks, with a cheese grater attached to the back....Don't forget as well, with that 1200 bucks, the stand is included!
  • Well I wasn't defending that. In my first comment when I said "they" I meant consumers, not necessarily Apple, just to clarify. People will buy what they want, if their computer runs too slow because they forgot to check the specs, then that's on the buyer, but Apple could do better with their specs
  • Yes, they could. They should. as a prosumer, I would love nothing more than to have a imac touch, and a macbook pro 2 in 1 with pencil support. I would be full in. You know that. But they are **** bent on keeping it the same, and just treading water in the PC side of things. They release revised macbook 3/4 the way through a processor cycle. When the Windows based machines are coming out with a faster processor, Apple is just starting to use the previous one. NOT ACCEPTABLE.