Leanna's most-used apps of 2011

Like Rene, my most-used apps of 2011 are probably the built in iPhone and iPad Safari browser, Mail app, and Reminders, Calendars, etc. via Siri. That's just the nature of the job. But since I'm TiPb's resident app editor, I also get to spend time with an incredible amount and array of App Store apps. Here are the ones I spent the most of my time with this year.


I love Starbucks and spend way too much money on $3 to $4 drinks. The Starbucks app further inhibits my addiction and has been one of my favorite apps since its release. Being able to reload my card with a touch of a button and pay for my drinks with a scan of my iPhone is almost too much awesomeness for me to handle.


There are many great Twitter applications out there, but Tweetbot always comes out on top as my favorite. I'm a huge fan the smart gestures like triple click to reply and swiping to the right to view conversations. I also thoroughly enjoy the sounds & animations that hold true to Tapbots' style.


I have a 16 months daughter whom I get gigabytes worth of video footage of every couple months. iMovie is such a great app for creating nicely edited movies to share on YouTube and ultimately on my blog. iMovie is by no means a fancy editor, but it's a breeze to get quick, simple edits completed and runs fantastically on an iPhone 4S and iPad 2.


Instagram is by far my favorite way to share photos. The filters are great, but I wouldn't say it's my favorite feature of Instagram - the social integration is. Instead of editing a photo and sharing it to the networks of my choice, Instagram has it's own platform where I can share my photos and view other people's photos and leave comments and 'likes'. And because I still want to share my photos to Facebook and Twitter, it's nice that I can do that at the same time with no extra effort.


I use WordPress for my blog and the WordPress app is perfect for blogging on the go. Often times I just want to through up a quick photo of my daughter, and the WordPress app makes this super fast and easy. This year, WordPress finally added the functionality to choose pixel width/height of uploaded photos, and it was this feature that turned the WordPress app into one of my most-used apps.

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