MacBook Pro leather sleeveSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple announced the 16-inch MacBook Pro today.
  • New leather sleeves are available, too.
  • A powerful 96W USB-C power adapter can also be bought.

Whenever Apple announces a new notebook there are usually new accessories to go with it. The newly arrived 16-inch MacBook Pro is no different, with leather sleeves and a beefy power adapter now available for order from the online Apple Store.

The leather sleeves are similar to those already available for other MacBook Pro models, but this time larger to accommodate the extra Mac that's in the 16-inch flavor. Pricing sits at an eye-watering $199 but you do at least get to choose between Saddle Brown, Black, and Midnight Blue. They're all "crafted from high-quality European leather," don'tcha know?

It may be one of the most costly ways to keep your MacBook Pro safe during its travels, but I can't imagine that there are many other options that look – and presumably feel – this good. Especially in Saddle Brown guise.

The 96W USB-C Power Adapter is the same one that ships with every new 16-inch MacBook Pro and can be bought for $79. Anyone who wants to be able to charge their new notebook from multiple locations without having to plug and unplug the adapter all the time will definitely want to pick one of these up. And it can be used to charge your iPhone or iPad, too. Assuming you have the correct cables handy, of course. The 2018 iPad Pro can charge using the same USB-C cable as the MacBook Pro. Just FYI.

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