LifeProof FLiP Series iPhone Case review: Stashable and crashable

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This heavy-duty case from LifeProof isn't your typical wallet-style case. While there is a wallet flap, it doesn't close over the screen like a wallet folio case.

The Good

  • Holds up to three cards plus cash
  • Six-foot drop protection
  • Built-in stand

The Bad

  • Quite bulky
  • Not wireless charging compatible

Stash and crash

LifeProof FLiP Series iPhone Case: Features

LifeProof FLiP Series iPhone Case

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If you like a slim case, you're in the wrong review. LifeProof is a bulky, heavy-duty case. The company is known for its highly protective cases. Protection is always going to take precedence over aesthetics with LifeProof cases. The LifeProof FliP Series iPhone Case is a new case, only available for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The case comes in three colorways: Dark Night (Black/Grey), Cement Surfer (Blue/Slate), Water Lily (Light Blue/Green). Lifeproof's tagline for this case is "Stashable. Crashable."

Rather than a typical wallet portfolio mechanism, this case has a thick back that flips open and holds closed magnetically. The fabric flap has three slots for cards, plus another longer slot behind them for cash. You don't want to overstuff this flap, or else it won't hold shut properly. Even with just three cards, it does gape a bit, although the magnet holds. There is a rather large space between the slots and the back of the iPhone, but you wouldn't want to place anything loose in there. It would just fall out. The flap has a large cutout to accommodate the camera module. You can flip the flap all the way around and use it as a kickstand for watching videos. This works well at a variety of angles.

If you want a full-protection heavy-duty case that also has a built-in wallet and kickstand, LifeProof's FLiP Series is for you.

Why have a flap on the back instead of covering the screen, folio-style? It's really a matter of personal taste. Some prefer the folio wallet case because your screen is so well-protected. Others prefer the screen uncovered so the phone is ready to go at all times. Need to take a call or take a photo? The FLiP allows you to do so right away, no need to open the flap.

There are button covers that protect the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons; of course, the buttons operate fine. Cutouts for the camera, mute switch, Lightning port, and speakers allow for full functionality. The lip of the case comes well up over the screen, as you'd expect. LifeProof branding is embossed along one side, printed on the back flap, and printed again on the inside. Unsurprisingly, wireless charging doesn't work with this case, at least in my testing. Your mileage may vary, as LifeProof does claim this case is wireless charging compatible.

Unique style

LifeProof FLiP Series iPhone Case: What I like

I always appreciate when an accessory company sets out to do something different, rather than just producing another run-of-the-mill case. LifeProof's FLiP Series iPhone Case is definitely different. I do feel like the iPhone is quite safe within this case and I like the functionality of the wallet slots. I like that the back flap doubles as a kickstand.

LifeProof FLiP Series iPhone Case

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LifeProof FLiP Series iPhone Case: What I don't like

There's no getting around the fact that this is a thick case. Put some cards and cash into the appropriate slots, and the case gets even thicker. The back flap really doesn't lay completely flat even when it's empty; the more stuff you add, the more it gapes open (though the magnet still held, in my experience.) The photo with the red background in my gallery below shows the case with three cards inside.

While LifeProof claims this case is Qi wireless compatible, I didn't find that to be true. I have noticed in my testing of many cases and many wireless chargers that some cases will work with some chargers and not others. At any rate, just looking at this case, I would never expect it to be able to charge wirelessly. It's just so thick, even without cards in it.

Stand out

LifeProof FLiP Series iPhone Case: Bottom line

While this isn't a case for everyone, if you want a full-protection heavy-duty case that also has a built-in wallet and kickstand, LifeProof's FLiP Series is for you. With six-foot drop protection and a magnetic flap that holds up to three cards plus cash, this is a compelling case for your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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