LifeProof Slam iPhone Case review: Protection without major bulk

LifeProof is known for its heavy-duty, protective iPhone cases. The Slam model, while not being the tank-like armor that LifeProof is known for, is still a very protective case. Yet, it isn't as bulky as many heavy-duty cases are. Generally, bulkier cases are more protective, but the Slam strikes a great balance between protection and bulk.

The Good

  • Protects from drops up to two meters
  • Not overly bulky
  • Clear back to show phone through
  • Comes in many colors and patterns

The Bad

  • Takes time to put on and take off

A nice compromise

LifeProof Slam iPhone Case: What I like

Lifeproof Slam

Lifeproof Slam (Image credit: iMore)

LifeProof inspires brand loyalty. My daughter's fiancé once accidentally dropped his phone off of a third-floor balcony. His phone, encased in a LifeProof case, survived the fall without a scratch or any loss of functionality. Now he won't buy any other brand.

As a general rule, a slim case is not going to be as protective as a thick case. Most people look for some middle ground; we all want a case that will protect without having to carry a tank in our pockets. LifeProof does a good job with the Slam on finding that middle ground. It's definitely not an ultra-slim case, but slimmer than most heavy-duty cases you'll find.

This is a two-piece case. Each case comes with a case key, which you'll need to use as a wedge to open the case. Just insert it into each the divots at the bottom two corners, one at a time, and twist to open. Place the phone into the rubber bumper, then snap the plastic back into place.

Unlike many of LifeProof's cases, the Slam does not include a screen. You can, of course, buy a separate screen protector, but it's not built in. None of the ports are covered up or plugged either.

There are precision cutouts for the camera, mute switch, Lightning port, and speakers. There are button covers over all of the phone's buttons. The iPhone's functionality is not affected by the case at all. The lip of the bumper does come up over the screen just a bit to protect your screen when the phone is placed face-down.

The LifeProof Slam comes in many different colors and patterns, but each of them is clear enough on the back to be able to see your beautiful iPhone through the case. You can find this case in the iPhone 7/8 and 7 Plus/8 Plus sizes on Amazon, though if you want the newer sizes, as well as other phones, you can find them on LifeProof's website.

Might be more case than some people need

LifeProof Slam iPhone Case: What I don't like

Not everyone needs a case with such serious protection. If you just want something attractive that adds some protection, you might not want to deal with two-piece, key-to-open design.

It is a plastic case and looks it. If you dress more formally and want a case to match, you might prefer something with more upscale-looking materials.

Overall great protective iPhone case

LifeProof Slam iPhone Case: Bottom line

If you're looking for serious, heavy-duty protection for your iPhone, but you don't want to carry a tank in your pocket, take a look at the LifeProof Slam. While it protects from drops up to two meters, it retains a pretty slim profile. It's a great compromise between bulk and protection.

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