All the iOS 8 widget apps you can download right now!

If you've somehow managed to get iOS 8 loaded up after all of the traffic today, and you're eager to get started with Notification Center widgets, we've dug up a bunch of notable apps that started supporting them today. There's a lot more to read about widgets in iOS 8, if you're interested.

Of course, it's a busy, busy time in the App Store, so leave a comment if you've found any other great new iOS 8 apps sporting a widget or two. If you're looking for more apps that make use of new iOS 8 features, be sure to dig into our master list of updates from earlier today.

  • Hours - Keep tabs on billable hours, now with a start/stop widget.
  • LinkedIn - See who's been checking out your profile in Notication Center.
  • LinkedIn Pulse - See news items coming in from your professional social network in Notification Center.
  • Yahoo News Digest - Catch up on the latest happenings with a new widget.
  • forScore - Check your instrument's pitch from Notification Center.
  • News360 - Stay up to date with the latest news stories through a dedicated Today widget.
  • Magisto - Start generating videos from your local media right from the notification tray.
  • Wunderlist - See what's next on your to-do list from a dedicated widget.
  • OmniFocus 2 - Task manager lets you see what's next in the Notification Center. Also, shoot new tasks to the app through sharing Extensions.
  • NYT Cooking - Check out the recipe of the day in the Today widget.
  • Yahoo Weather - Access the latest forecast from the Today widget.
  • Dropbox - See latest activity in Today widget, plus new sharing controls for Pro and Business users.
  • Wdgts - A whole collection of useful notification tray widgets.
  • Retro - Instagram viewer for iPad adds Today widget for keeping tabs on timeline and adds 1Password integration thanks to Extensions.
  • Day One - Today widget offers flashback to previous entries, Extensions allow for easy importing from other apps, and Touch ID enabled to unlock.
  • Evernote - Save notes with Notification Center widget, and clip content from all over with Extensions. Touch ID unlock for premium users.
  • OpenTable - Notification Center widget to let you know about upcoming reservations.
  • Buzzfeed - Catch the latest from the Today widget and bookmark from notifications.
  • Duolingo - Lesson progress widget added to language-learning app.
  • pCalc - Quick calculation widget added.
  • Snapguide - Recipe and home decor app adds iCloud Drive integration.
  • Redfin - Real estate reference adds Today widgets.
  • App in the Air - Flight tracker adds widgets.
  • Calendars 5 - Check your schedule with a new Today View widget.
  • Sky Guide - Sunrise, sunset, and lots of other information available in a Today widget.
Simon Sage

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