Make your BOOM 3 speaker as unique as your lifestyle with myBOOM Studio

If you love Ultimate Ears' line of Bluetooth speakers, your love just got a little bit stronger. Thanks to the new myBOOM Studio, you can now choose what colors you want on the BOOM 3 speaker. You can finally make your speaker as unique as you are and not worry about whether someone else is going to show up at the pool party with the same bathing suit BOOM 3.

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For $180 ($30 more than a BOOM 3 without customization), you can pick from 12 different fabrics (including six patterns) and eight different colors for the end caps (you can't have different colored end caps yet), volume buttons, spine, and fabric loop.

You can also add your own personalized touch with custom text that will be laser-etched into the speaker's spine. You can write whatever you want within the 20-character limitation, but you must agree to their terms and conditions that your text is "free from representations of threatening, obscene, unlawful, or sexually explicit content and that it does not infringe on the intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark rights, of any third party."

I've loved the BOOM speakers since they first launched. Their design aesthetic keeps getting better. Remember when Ultimate Ears was doing the artist series? With myBOOM Studio, the customization options are through the roof. Want an all-blue speaker? Done. Ultraviolet and forest green? Sure! No one is going to judge you for your color combination choices (actually, ultraviolet and forest green look pretty good together).

Don't forget to add a bit of text. You can fit up to 20 characters and it doesn't cost any extra.

myBOOM Studio currently supports the BOOM 3, the mid-tier Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears. If successful, we may see customization support for the company's entire speaker line.

If you want to go through the customization experience with myBOOM Studio in-person, T-Mobile in Chicago and Miami have an in-store studio. You can also simply visit the myBOOM Studio portal online.

myBOOM 3 customized speakers costs $180 and are available right now in the US and will launch worldwide this summer.

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