Meet iTableous, a white iPhone 4 inspired table with a raft of features [video]

iTableous is a PC and HDTV hidden away inside a giant white iPhone 4 case. Sounds simple, until you take a look at the work that has been put into making this table. It has been crafted out of the finest materials and painstakingly perfected over the last few months. The table belongs to its creator Benjamin Bachmeier.

The iTableous is not just a table of course, it has a Full HD TV with DVB-T freeview reception, integrated DVD player, dual boots Windows 7 and OSX, HD Camera, microphone and an iPhone dock connection. Unfortunately there is no touch screen, it has to be operated via a mouse and keyboard.

The whole project just floats my boat; I would really love something like this in my family room. It is so unique and well made! Take a look for yourself, there is a video after the break!

[Insanely Mac via Engadget]


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