Microsoft blasts Apple's MacBook Pro in new Surface Pro 7 ad

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Microsoft Ad (Image credit: Microsoft)

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  • Microsoft has roasted Apple's MacBook Pro in a new Surface Pro 7 advert highlighting the tablet's touch screen, pen, detachable keyboard, and more.

Microsoft has fired several shots at Apple's MacBook Pro in a new advert for its Surface Pro 7 shared yesterday.

The new advert compares the MacBook Pro with Microsoft's Surface Pro 7, seemingly mocking the MacBook Pro's lack of support for either a touch screen or a pen. It also highlights the detachable keyboard of the Surface as well as support for various bits of software including games that macOS doesn't have.

Finally, the 30-second clip highlights the price, at $890 the Surface Pro is certainly a lot cheaper than the MacBook, but are its criticisms fair?

Of course, Apple has a tablet with touch screen support, Apple Pencil, a detachable keyboard, and more in its iPad lineup, and you could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that comparing a Surface to a MacBook isn't really a fair comparison... What do you think?

Apple is planning big changes to its Mac lineup this year, including the introduction of a 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with all-new Apple silicon chips. From a recent report:

A huge dump of massive MacBook Pro leaks has revealed a slew of details about Apple's rumored upcoming new models.First up, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed several key new details about the expected devices. In a note seen by iMore, Kuo reiterated that Apple will release a new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro in Q3 of 2021. They will feature a new chassis design with a flat, right-angled top and bottom cover akin to that of the iPhone 12, rather than the slight curve of previous models. Kuo says that MagSafe charging will return, but the Touch Bar is out in favor of a row of physical buttons.

Reports from Kuo are echoed by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who says that Apple will bring back both MagSafe charging and the SD card slot to its MacBook Pro this year.

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  • Problem is it still runs Windows and there is no way they can beat a M1
  • the regular consumer doesn't care all too much though
  • That kid in the ad has a great point. Apples MacBook pros with that stupid touch bar is an overpriced and very limiting piece of crap. I guess that is why Apple is looking to drop the touch bar altogether. Apples touch bar is as useful as Apples 3D touch. Look at where that went! Developers didn't levitate to 3D touch, and still had to make their apps work on iPhones without 3D touch, and its the exact same thing with Apples touch bar. Good riddance to a useless piece of tech, that nobody really uses anyway. A touch screen is far superior, and offers many advantages over Apples crappy useless touch bar. Plus Apple likes to mention that their new M1 Macs can run iOS apps, but what good is that, especially since iOS apps are all written with a touch screen interface in mind. So Apple needs to start making MacBooks with touch screens.
  • The touchbar is great and I like it, many more people like the touchbar than people who dislike it, actually only stupid youtube-reviewers with useless advice cry about it. The touchscreen is non-issue at all, I have never wanted to touch my screen and put smudges on it, that's stupid. I can get an ipad if I want touchscreen device. Microsoft is just a sad and weak player and they have nothing to show for, now, to the M1 Macs.. Intel machines are like old dinosaurs compared to Apple M1. M1 Macs are superior in any way to all cheap and stupid Intel/AMD machines.. but I don't need it to prove it to you.. just look at Apple stocks you cheap clown.
  • Mentioning your competitor in ads is never a good sign. Meanwhile, Apple is about to announce a record quarter. Draw your own conclusions.
  • I'm a Mac guy and have been one since the the 1980s. However, the seamless ability to go back and forth between laptop and tablet has been a huge advantage of the MS surface. Apple seems to be moving in that direction, but I fear Apple's approach is to make the laptop more tablet like than the tablet OS more like a full-featured computer OS. I've owned 4 different Mac tablets and I've either given them away or made them dedicated Kindle devices due to the difficulty of getting work done on them. The current IOS is better with its rudimentary file system, but why couldn't that have been in place from the beginning? Note: despite my gripes, I'm not in the market for a Surface. I have to use Windows at work, and that's enough.
  • Hurrah! The Apple/Windows commercial wars have always been entertaining, especially when all the loyalists from either side get entrenched and start in with their forum rants. I was a Windows user for a long time. At present I'm a Mac user. I like the included software and free updates that come with a Mac. I also like not having to hassle with AV software. And honestly, the Mac UI is more polished. On the down side, I miss the much better gaming support of the Windows environment but that's easy to solve with a gaming machine if I ever wanted, (I don't game >that< much). Bring on the ads; popcorn is at the ready.
  • Yeah, Microsoft isn't going to do an ad against an iPad Air at $599. It would highlight that Windows RT was a fail and they ended up wedging Windows 10 into a tablet. I hate marketing people. This kind of bad faith "sales" is disgusting. They're praying on people who don't know any better. It's like praying on old people.
  • You put 8 gigs of RAM in the Surface, and then go with a 1TB drive, and you are paying the same as for a similar MacBook Pro, but with 16 gigs of RAM and a 2TB drive. The surface starts at 4 gigs of RAM. So what that all adds up to is the Windows Surface can't even come close to the M1 MacBook Pro for performance, and a touch screen is not worth it. You want a tablet, get an iPad. You wan a laptop, get a Mac. So, when you buy a machine you can actually do work on, you don't save any money with a Surface, and you're still stuck with Windows.
  • Well, if you want an iPad-like Windows tablet, the surface is an OK option. But as the article notes it's strange to compare it with a MacBook Pro. iPad or Macbook would be closer, though they don't support Boot Camp, or x86 Windows virtualization at the moment the way the intel MacBook Pro does. And of course the Apple Silicon machines will likely beat the Surface on both battery life and performance. I think Crossover is working on an M1 version of their Windows compatibility layer however, which could be interesting.
  • I love apple fanboys articles and comments, but when apple compare the macbook to surface it's fine right? when ms compare surface to ipad (because has lot of limitations) than it's not fair anymore... LOL
  • Not getting your point. This is MS comparing Surface to MacBook Pro, not iPad.
  • whenever I (have to) try to use a Surface computer as a tablet, I'm getting incredibly mad over how miserable Windows is as a tablet OS. They already had a tablet friendly version (W8), and I don't get it how until today they were not able to make W10 do better as a tablet OS.
  • >munchmunchmunch< -SLURRPPP!!!!- Popcorn anyone?
  • Since this egregiously one sided marketing comparison is covered both here and Windows Central, it is fun to read the comments on both sites ;) I do find it interesting that MS opted to get a 15 yr old to do their productivity device marketing. I noted how he 'really likes his games'. The games you can play on a Surface you can get for $890, including keyboard and pen, aren't much better than those you can play on a MacBook Pro. Neither are 'Gaming Rigs'.