Road to VR first spotted this subtle Apple announcement after watching one of the WWDC talks, and now we're sharing it with you: The Vive Pro, HTC's latest high-end VR head-mounted display, will have direct plug-and-play support on macOS Mojave when it comes out this fall. And not only that — if you're running the Mojave developer or public beta, expect to see this support in a future update. Apple has been working closely with both Valve and HTC to make this happen, and it's a pretty exciting development for pro VR users looking to use their Macs and VR headsets together.

Why the HTC Vive Pro?

HTC's Vive Pro is a not-quite-second-generation VR headset: It offers better resolution (at 615 PPI) and two front-facing cameras (possibly for future AR implementations). Vive Pro also allows for use on both HTC's older basestation technology and the newer second-generation basestation developed by Valve.

Since macOS High Sierra's early betas, Apple has been facilitating the use and development of VR apps via the original HTC Vive and the eGPU development kit; it seems only natural that the company continues that partnership.

There's also the question of Apple making its own headset: We've heard tantalizing reports of Apple building VR technology of their own and buying tech companies like VRvana, but until the company showcases something on-stage, we'll have to be content with external headset and gaming support.

And for those of you skeptical as to the viability of VR gaming on Apple hardware, you can look at iMore's compiled list of VR games for June 2018 to get a sneak peek of what you'll be able to play very soon. My person favourite incoming game is Budget Cuts!

Excitement awaits

Although the Vive Pro isn't the next-generation VR headset I wanted, Apple's support for it inside macOS Mojave shows that the company is in the AR/VR game for the long haul. I'm thrilled.

What about you: Are you excited about getting latest-generation VR technology on macOS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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