Monster Hunter Digital Event: Rise Roadmap, Stories plot, paid DLC, additional Monsters, and new Apex hunts

Monster Hunter Rise Teostra
Monster Hunter Rise Teostra (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

During today's Monster Hunter Digital Event, we learned a lot about Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and the roadmap for Monster Hunter Rise DLC. Monster Hunter Stories focuses more on plot and has you playing as a monster rider rather than a hunter. Meanwhile, the Monster Hunter Rise DLC brings new monsters and Apex quests. There's plenty to get excited about, so let's dive in.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

During the event, Capcom revealed a new trailer for the game:

With this trailer, we learned more about Monster Hunter Stories 2's plot and the characters we'll meet along the way. Lilia and Reverto, who appeared in the original game, will also play a role in the sequel.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Deluxe Edition

Monster Hunter Stories Deluxe Edition (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

With the Monster Hunter Stories 2 Deluxe Edition, players receive the following:

  • Base Game
  • Kuan Coat outfit for Ena
  • Razewing Armor Alpha/Beta Layered Armor for the player
  • Adventure Buddies 2 and 3 sticker sets
  • Spiky Nergal hairstyles for the player
  • Pukei-Pukei Costume and Nergigante Costume for Navirou

Monster Hunter Stories 2 amiibo

Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

Three Monster Hunter Stories 2 amiibo will release for the game:

  • Ena
  • Razewing Ratha
  • Tsukino

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin preorder bonus

Monster Hunter Stories Preorder Bonus (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

Monster Hunter Stories 2 preorders are now available. If players do preorder the game early they'll be able to download the Kamura Maiden Outfit for Ena once they get the game. The game releases July 9, 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise/Monster Hunter Stories 2 Crossover Content

Monster Hunter Cross Over (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

If you have save data for Monster Hunter Rise you'll unlock the Kamura garb as Layered Armor for your rider in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Similarly, if you have save data for Monster Hunter Stories 2, you'll unlock the default rider Layered Armor from Stories 2 for your hunter in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise

Today we learned that a free title update in the form of version 2.0 will bring several new monsters and elements to Monster Hunter Rise. This free update will be available on April 28, 2021. Here's everything that comes with it.

Version 2.0 update

Monster Hunter Rise Version 2. (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))
  • Apex Diablos
  • Apex Rathalos
  • Teostra
  • Kushala Daora
  • Chameleos
  • Standard quests to hunt existing Apex Monsters
  • New weapons and armor
  • New event quests
  • Hunter Rank Cap increases
  • Advanced Rampage Quests
  • New Arena Quests
  • Single-player only quests
  • New Layered armor for hunter and Buddies

Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 2 Paid DLC

Monster Hunter Rise Dlc (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

Monster Hunter Rise Dlc (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

Source: Capcom (screenshot)

We learned that several exciting new things will come with paid DLC. It is available in a value bundle on the Nintendo eShop called "Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 2", for $29.99 USD.

For one thing, you can get a free Character Edit Voucher from the Nintendo eShop to change your character's appearance. Note that this does not allow you to change your hunter's name or change the looks of your Buddies.

  • Hunter voice options for Fugen or Minoto
  • Character Edit Vouchers let you change your hunter's appearance
  • New Layered Armor for hunters
  • Palico and Palamute Layered Armor
  • Cohoot outfits
  • New Stickers
  • New Gestures
  • Hairstyles

Monster Hunter Rise Roadmap

Monster Hunter Rise Roadmap (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

Monster Hunter Rise version 3.0 will go live at the end of May and will include several new monsters and a new ending for the game. We'll learn more as it gets closer to that date.

Monster Hunter Digital Event

That's a lot of exciting content to look forward to. We can't wait to take on more Apex Monsters and the new Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter Rise. Meanwhile, the plot for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin has us excited.

Will you be getting the Monster Hunter Rise paid DLC or Monster Hunter Stories 2? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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