More characters were announced for Warioware: Get It Together!

Wario Picking Nose
Wario Picking Nose (Image credit: Nintendo)

What you need to know

  • WarioWare: Get It Together is all about microgames, and completing objectives in short bursts.
  • Each character has a unique attack, contributing to a wide variety of solutions for tasks.
  • Nintendo recently announced several new characters for the game.
  • A free demo is available for the game ahead of its release on September 10, 2021.

WarioWare: Get It Together! is a collection of microgames — yes, they're that small — where players need to complete increasingly shorter tasks before the time runs out. For the first time, you can play as Wario himself, as opposed to your weird disembodied hand. Not only can you play as Wario, but his friends are joining in the fun, too! Each character controls differently, so every mircrogame can be completed with a unique strategy.

In the latest overview trailer for the game, new characters were announced as part of Wario's crew. Here is the full list of characters and what they do in the game:

  1. Wario: This iconic Mushroom Kingdom character loves to use his handy jetpack, when he's not eating garlic.
  2. Cricket: Your standard run-n-jump character, this crewmate can hit blocks directly above him.
  3. 18-Volt: This cunning nerd uses his big brain to shoot projectiles in a straight line, which he can use to propel himself upward.
  4. Mona: A specialist in distance, Mona throws her trusty boomerang. What goes around, comes around!
  5. Dribble & Spitz: This unique canine duo can be controlled by two people during two-player co-op!
  6. Dr. Crygor: This futuristic character can defy gravity itself by "swimming" through the air.
  7. 9-Volt: This mischievous skateboard-riding kid can shoot his yo-yo to get the job done!
  8. Mike: Chucks music projectiles up above his head without abandon. Funky.
  9. Kat & Ana: These mischievous siblings throw pink projectiles like there's no tomorrow!
  10. Jimmy T: This man just can't keep still, zipping continuously through the air to hit objects.
  11. Ashley: This witchy gal fires magic spells from her wand as projectiles.
  12. Orbulon: This alien character shoots a lazer beam. Don't get hit!
  13. 5-Volt: Talk about an out-of-body experience. She can move her spirit around, with shocking results.

See the full cast of characters here:

If you're unsure about whether this game is for you, a free demo is available for the game. It allows you to play as several characters and play through a variety of charming microgames. As things go faster, they become more difficult, so grab a friend and give it a go!

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