More details revealed for Office for the iPad on iOS 9 and Apple Watch

Microsoft's surprise appearance at Apple's press event this week showed off how its Office apps will work with the upcoming iPad Pro tablet. Now the company has offered more information on how Office will work with the iPad on iOS 9. It has also revealed some new features that will be coming to its Outlook and Translator apps on the Apple Watch with the release of WatchOS 2.

The biggest feature on Office with the iPad with iOS 9 is the split-screen view, which will allow apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to run next to each other. In addition, Microsoft says those Office apps can run next to the Outlook email app:

Tap on a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file attached to an email message and Outlook will automatically launch the corresponding app with the file ready for editing, right next to Outlook. While you edit the Word document, you can still view the email message. After your edits are made, tap the back button in Word and the document will be attached to a new email message in Outlook, ready to be sent.

Office inking

Office apps for the iPad will also support inking via the Apple Pencil:

The new tools include pens, highlighters, an easy-to-use thickness control and a new color wheel. Using Apple Pencil, you can mark up documents just like you would with pencil and paper—making the collaboration process natural and intuitive. And with inking-specific features like shape recognition in PowerPoint, the apps turn the pencil into a first-class content creation tool."

In addition, iOS 9 will allow Office users on both the iPhone and iPad to see OneNote notes and Outlook email messages in search results. Also, iPad users with a wireless keyboard can tap on the Command key to get an overview of all the Office keyboard shortcuts.

Outlook Apple Watch

When WatchOS 2 is released for the Apple Watch, the Outlook app for the smartwatch will be updated with some new features;

Now, Outlook will show you essential information about your next appointment and incoming email. With Time Travel, you can turn the Digital Crown of the watch to check your Outlook calendar appointments for later today and tomorrow.

The Microsoft Translator app will also receive some additional features:

With the upcoming update, a recent or pinned translation can be played back later through the watch speaker. When you're abroad, the watch face will automatically show you common phrases like "good morning" and "goodbye" in the local language based on your location and the time of day. Using Time Travel, you can see phrases for a later time, like "good night.".

Source: Microsoft

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