Mous Clarity iPhone Case review: Clearly appealing

Mous Clarity iPhone Case

The iPhone is a thing of beauty, and a clear case lets you see your phone while you protect it. The Mous Clarity Case is a beautiful clear case that is on the slimmer side, while it still offers protection from minor drops.

The Good

  • Attractive
  • Clear back
  • Screen protector included
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Not too bulky
  • Lifetime warranty

The Bad

  • Pricey

Clear protection

Mous Clarity iPhone Case: Features

There is always a trade-off between bulkiness and protectiveness. The thicker and bulkier the case, the more protective it can be, assuming it's well-designed. A slimmer case just isn't going to be as protective. The ultra-slim cases offer little to drop protection at all; they're more like scratch protection to keep your iPhone looking pristine with gentle use. The Mous Clarity Case sits right about in the middle. It's slim enough to slide easily into a pocket or bag, while offering protection from scratches and minor drops.

The back of the case is a fairly thick, hard, crystal clear plastic. It's gently bezeled around the camera, but even at its lowest point, it's even with the protruding lens. Despite the thickness, wireless charging works just fine. The Mous logo is tastefully embossed near the bottom. The plastic is anti-yellowing and scratch-resistant. The edges of the back are slightly raised, which protects the back of the case from contacting potentially damaging surfaces when you set it down.

I love clear cases and this is one of the most aethetically appealing I've seen.

The edges of the case are a firm, shiny black rubber. Still, it's easy to put on and take off the case. Nice clicky button covers protect the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons. Cutouts in the case free up the mute switch, Lightning port, and speakers for normal use. Mous uses a material they call AiroShock to dampen shocks from drops. The edges of the bumper come up just slightly above screen level for face-down protection. At the corners, the edges are even higher. The corners of an iPhone are so vulnerable to damage, so extra protection there makes sense.

The Mous Clarity Case comes only in one color, a black bumper with a clear back. It comes in three sizes: iPhone X/XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max. A separate TPU screen protector is included in the price. In case the case itself gets damaged, Mous has you covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

Crystal beauty

Mous Clarity iPhone Case: What I like

I love clear cases and this is one of the most aethetically appealing I've seen. Though it's plastic, it looks and feels elegant. We love our beautiful iPhones, and this case puts that iPhone on full display. Unlike most cases that cover it up, this one only enhances your iPhone's looks.

Mous Clarity iPhone Case

Mous Clarity (Image credit: Karen Freeman/iMore)

Not a bargain

Mous Clarity iPhone Case: What I don't like

While this case is not terribly bulky and it is pretty protective, it's not what I'd call a bargain. It's fairly pricey, and the premium price tag is more for the looks of the case than extreme protection.

Clearly appealing

Mous Clarity iPhone Case: Bottom line

The Mous Clarity iPhone Case certainly has its market. No doubt it's a lovely case that lets the iPhone's good looks take center stage. Being fairly slim and fairly protective will be the sweet spot for some users, including myself. I'm willing to trade off some protectiveness for a beautiful case that won't weigh me down.

Karen S Freeman

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