Mozilla throws weight behind Apple iOS 14 anti-tracking plans

Firefox (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple plans to announce new anti-tracking measures in 2021.
  • Mozilla, the creator of the internet browser Firefox has called the measures "a huge win for consumers."

The maker of the popular internet browser Firefox, Mozilla, has come out in full support of Apple's plans to limit the tracking of its users on iOS.

In a post the company stated:

In 2019, Mozilla called on Apple to increase user privacy by automatically resetting the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) on iPhones. The IDFA lets advertisers track the actions users take when they use apps – kind of like a salesperson that follows you from store to store while you shop, recording every item you look at. Creepy, right?Early 2020, Apple went even further than what Mozilla supporters had asked for when it announced that it will give consumers the option to opt-out of tracking in each app, essentially turning off IDFA and giving millions of consumers more privacy online. Apple's announcement also made a loud statement: mass data collection and invasive advertising don't have to be the norm online.

Mozilla lauded Apple for not backing down in the face of backlash from companies like Facebook, but cautioned against Apple's delay of the feature stating:

But Apple did delay the implementation of its privacy-control features. We need to make sure the company stays strong and gives iPhone users this enhanced privacy feature as soon as possible.

It recently emerged that Apple likely delayed the feature to allow developers time to implement changes and adjust their software to the new protocols, rather than because of pushback over the principle of the change.

Mozilla is now calling on its users to lend their own voice in support of the move by signing an online petition, stating it needs "a massive outpouring of support for Apple's decision to help strengthen its resolve to protect consumer privacy."

New measures will mean users have to opt-in to tracking across apps and websites in iOS 14 from next year, a move Mozilla said was a "huge win for consumers," many of whom don't even know they can be tracked across their apps on a phone. Mozilla is asking its users to sign a thank you to Apple, letting the company know "consumers are eagerly anticipating anti-tracking protection on iPhone."

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