Multitasking Support to be Included in Apple's iPhone 4.0 Software

AppleInsider is reporting that they are hearing from reliable sources to expect multitasking in Apple's iPhone 4.0 software. This is not the first time we've heard about multitasking being included in 4.0 but if it does hold up to be true it should silence many of the iPhone haters out there while making all iPhone owners jump for joy.

The iPhone currently does do some very minimal multitasking with apps such as email and iPod, but those of you with jailbroken devices are well aware that the iPhone can handle full blown multitasking with ease. Apple has just been shy to enable it since day one claiming it would bring poor battery performance along with various security threats.

The sources also claim the 4.0 software is still a long way off from being finished (this summer) so show some patience as good things come to those who wait.

Anyone else excited for some iPhone 4.0?

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