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What you need to know

  • A new short film is available on NVIDIA GeForce NOW for iOS.
  • Baymax Dreams of Fred's Glitch is a short interactive film released for the launch of the Sundance Film Festival.

A new short interactive film has been released on NVIDIA GeForce NOW for iOS to mark the beginning of the Sundance Film Festival.

In a blog today NVIDIA stated:

As the Sundance Film Festival kicks off today, "Baymax Dreams of Fred's Glitch," an interactive short from Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution and Disney Television Animation, is streaming from the cloud to virtual festivalgoers, using GeForce NOW.

The interactive short is part of the New Frontier Alliance Showcase at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, a partner-driven presentation of envelope-pushing cinematic visions. New Frontier's immersive program and platform showcase stories created through new convergences of film, art and cutting-edge technology.

The interactive short involves users trying to help a character named 'Fred' as he tries to contain a glitch of his own making inside the head of a robot named Baymax. From the post:

The Baymax Dreams experience is the first premium, interactive, 3D-animated content of its kind. It features touch interaction and is fully remote-rendered on our GeForce NOW cloud gaming servers. These elements allow the audience to do more than just choose the path of the story — it gives them agency.

Characters in the episode can respond positively or negatively depending on the speed and efficiency of participation.

The new short is reportedly the first native touch experience streaming on GeForce NOW, but NVIDIA says that's something it "will bring more of to the cloud in the future."

The new short is available to stream for a limited time now for iOS Safari users on both iPhone and iPad.

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