New Pokémon Snap: Are there Legendary Pokémon?

New Pokemon Snap Celibi
New Pokemon Snap Celibi (Image credit: Nintendo)

New Pokémon Snap: Are there Legendary Pokémon?

Best answer: Yes! Nintendo has confirmed that players will be able to encounter legendary and mythical Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap.

Exploring unknown islands in New Pokémon Snap

The Lental Region is full of untouched and unexplored territory, which is exactly why Professor Mirror needs players to check it out. Full of lush scenery from dense jungles to deep oceans, the islands are bound to contain plenty of Pokémon in their natural environments. While we hope to see some of our favorites (I'm hoping Charmander makes an appearance), the burning question is: Will New Pokémon Snap feature legendary and mythical Pokémon?

If you were hoping for more than just a few typical Pokémon in the New Pokémon Snap, you might be in luck. The latest trailer revealed that the game will feature the mythical Celebi.

More mythicals and legends

Celebi may just be the tip of the iceberg. New Pokémon Snap is set to feature at least 200 different Pokémon, so the chances are high that more than a few rare Pokémon may just make an appearance. However, if history has taught us anything, it may take maximum effort to secure a perfect shot.

In the original Pokémon Snap for the N64, the ultimate goal was to snap a few photos of the elusive Mew. However, there were a few other legendary Pokémon hidden away if you knew where to find them, like Moltres and Zapdos. To catch these rare creatures in an epic pose, players needed to coax some of these legendary birds out of their shells. If New Pokémon Snap is anything like the original, it may take a little finesse to get these rare Pokémon to show.

If you can't want to "catch" them all with your camera, don't fret. New Pokémon Snap will release on April 30, 2021.

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