Nintendo to host a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament later this month

Inklings in Super Smash Bros.
Inklings in Super Smash Bros. (Image credit: Nintendo)

What you need to know

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a party game featuring characters from multiple game franchises.
  • Many fans play Smash Bros. competitively, hosting tournaments for various prizes.
  • Nintendo is hosting an online tournament for the game, running from April 22 to April 23.

Though Nintendo did withdraw from the annual esports event Evolution Championship Series, often known as EVO, after its acquisition by Sony, that doesn't mean that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments are no more. In a recent tweet, Nintendo announced an upcoming tournament called the NintendoVS North American Open April 2022.

The tournament runs from April 22 to April 23, 2022, with registration being open at the time of this writing. The tournament is open to anyone 13 years and over in the United States and Canada, and anyone 18 years and over in Mexico. Prizes include Gold Points to use in the Nintendo Switch eShop, a Nintendo Switch carrying case, and a gaming chair.

Participants need to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play, as the tournament takes place online. Stages will be chosen at random from one of eight stages that are disclosed to players beforehand. No purchases are necessary outside of the hardware and software needed to play the game, so if you're a fan of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, give it a try!

Nadine Dornieden

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