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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Budget Friendly

HORIPAD Nintendo Switch Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is well built and has all the tools needed to take full advantage of compatible Nintendo Switch games. It's wireless, ergonomic, and supports all of the Switch's unique features such as amiibo and motion controls.

$60 at Best Buy


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Official Nintendo-made equipment
  • High-quality build, design, and materials
  • Compatible with motion controls, rumble vibration, and amiibo


  • High price

HORI provides a respectable option for those who want a more ergonomic Nintendo Switch controller than the base model, and at $20, it fits into a tight budget. However, you won't be getting the full Switch experience, so it's not worth the price.

$20 at Amazon


  • Affordable
  • Convertible directional pad
  • Turbo button


  • Cheaply built
  • No support for rumble, motion controls, or amiibo
  • Not wireless

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has everything you need to get the most of your games. This should be your first choice if your budget allows for it. Even if you can't afford it now, it's worth saving up rather than making a purchase you'll regret. You should only consider the HORIPAD if you absolutely can't spend more money.

You want all the goods

Nintendo Switch Pro ControllerSource: iMore

You shouldn't consider the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller as an option, you should consider it as the option. Nintendo gives you everything you're looking for in this package.

It's more ergonomic than the HORIPAD, and attention has clearly been paid to ensuring its contours and curves provide more comfortable gaming sessions. It feels like a high quality, reliable piece of equipment rather than something that could fall apart in your hands. Its grip will prove particularly valuable when playing intense games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Diablo 3.

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The Pro Controller is also far superior in terms of functionality. It provides full support for vibration, amiibo, and motion controls, all of which are essential features for many Switch games. It's also wireless, meaning you won't have to deal with any annoying cords. Any opportunity to eliminate those from your life met with enthusiasm.

Switch Pro Controller HORIPAD for Switch
Price $60 $20
Connectivity Wireless Wired
Buttons 8 Face Buttons, 4 Shoulders, 2 Analog Sticks, D-Pad 8 Face Buttons, 4 Shoulders, 2 Analog Sticks, D-Pad, Turbo
Extra Features Motion, Amiibo, Rumble Convertible D-Pad
Color Black Black

The HORIPAD controller for Nintendo Switch simply can't match the official Pro Controller where it counts. It has all the face, shoulder buttons, and analog sticks you need to play most Switch games, providing something simple with a better grip. It even attempts to make a case for itself with a convertible D-pad configuration and a programmable turbo button.

Horipad Wired ControllerSource: HORI

What happens when you want to scan your amiibo into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or if you want to throw a Poké Ball in Pokémon: Let's Go! Pikachu/Eevee? You can't, because this is where HORI cut costs to make for that oh-so-attractive $23 price tag. It even sacrificed rumble vibration, something that has become almost necessary for any serious modern gaming controller.

We simply cannot recommend the HORIPAD for folks who aren't concerned with their budget. Even if money is tight, we'd urge you to save up a bit more for the official Pro Controller.

Official Gear

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

It's not worth skimping when it comes to a new controller

Quality and comfort alone would be enough to make the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller a winner. That it also enables some of the Switch's best features makes the choice a no-brainer.

Budget Friendly

HORIPAD Switch Controller

This should be your last option

HORI did what it set out to do: make a very cheap Nintendo Switch controller. Unfortunately, that came at the expense of features that seem far too important to omit.

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