Nintendo Switch won't get price drop in US according to insider

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What you need to know

  • The Nintendo Switch received a price drop for its base model in Europe.
  • The price was reduced to €269.99 in Europe and £259.99 in the UK.
  • Insider Stephen Totilo states that no such price reduction is planned for the North American market.

Nintendo fans in Europe were treated to a wonderful surprise yesterday, that being the base model Nintendo Switch receiving a price drop within the region. This brought the console down to €269.99 in Europe and £259.99 in the UK, reducing the price by €60 and £20 in Europe and the United Kingdom respectively.

Fans in North America need not get their hopes up, however, as an insider says that Nintendo has no plans to reduce the price in the United States and Canada, as stated in a tweet.

Stephen Totilo, former editor-in-chief of Kotaku, claims to have sources with insider information on the topic, and is quite sure that there won't be a price drop west of the Atlantic Ocean anytime soon. This also leaves Australia and Japan out of the discount fun, which some may see as surprising given that Nintendo has its roots in Japan. The base model Nintendo Switch is now even closer in price to the Nintendo Switch Lite as a budget console, while those who need a larger screen and better storage capacity will gravitate towards the new Nintendo Switch OLED model.

Of course, Nintendo often states that they have "no plans" to do something, which they later end up doing. There's no knowing what their plans are, but for now, North American consumers shouldn't hold their breath.

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