Glimpse 2 Website WidgetsSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Sometimes you just need instant access to a web page but don't want to open a browser.
  • The arrival of iOS 14 means you can now put widgets on your Home screen.
  • Now there's an app that lets you put your favorite website right on your Home screen.

Have you ever wanted a way to put a web page right on your Home screen, making it easy to glance at data and whatnot? I know I have, which is why Glimpse 2 is so interesting to me. It makes use of iOS 14's support of Home screen widgets and it's all very fancy indeed.

The premise is as simple as it sounds. You tell Glimpse 2 which website you want to see and then select the area that you want to appear in a widget. You get to choose between large and small widgets, and that's all there is to it.

You want to see if there are news, if there is something new on your favourite webpage, if your long awaited product is available to order or check your used mobile data? You can do all of this with the right webpage inside Glimpse.

And yes, there's an iPad app as well.

Decide that you want to see the full web page instead of a portion of it? No problem, just tap it and it'll open in your web browser. Just as you'd want it to!

I'm a fan of Glimpse 2 and I'm using it for football scores right now. It's available for free from the App Store and there are in-app purchases available so you can pay what you think Glimpse 2 is worth. I'd encourage you to do exactly that, too.

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