Phew. What a crazy iPhone 4 pre-order day! The Apple Online store went up and came down -- again and again. No white iPhone 4 were available. Apple's new Apple Store app for iPhone came out, and promptly had iPhone pre-ordering removed from its functionality. AT&T managed to disrupt service to the extent people couldn't even complete the ordering process (or even got their account compromised). Not that the TiPb nation stopped trying.

Now as day turns to night, AT&T is sold out, other carriers out-to-lunch (since they're too busy to announce plans, they must be...), we found out international iPhone 4 could now be had unlocked, and we're once again rendered near exhausted by Apple's pre-event events, we turn the comments over to you.

Celebrate, commiserate, laugh, cry, regale us with your war stories and battle scars, or just mellow out and chat the night away. You've earned it.