Olloclip Quick-Flip case for iPhone 5 review: An expensive but convenient companion to your Olloclip lenses

Olloclip doesn't just make lens attachments for the iPhone anymore, the range has expanded to include the first case in the range. It's called the Quick-Flip, and the idea behind it is incredible simple. Yet for frequent Olloclip photographers, the Quick-Flip's simple idea could be the most convenient, time saving accessory they could buy. And that's because of who made it.

For anyone not familiar with the Olloclip system, it's basically a clip-on lens that goes over the iPhone camera. In doing so, it changes the effect that you see in the camera app, such as a wide-angle, fish eye, or even a macro effect. They're pretty good fun, and excellent quality. But, because of how the Olloclip attaches to the iPhone, you can't keep the phone inside a case. The corner by the camera needs to be completely exposed for the Olloclip to attach, and that's where the Quick-Flip comes in.

Covering the camera is a 'door' that simply flips over, and exposes the corner of the phone completely. This allows you to attach the Olloclip without removing your iPhone from its case. Simple, effective, perfect. But, that's not all. Because the volume up button can be used as a shutter release for the iPhone camera, the Quick-Flip rotates over far enough that it actually rests just on the button. As such, you've got yourself a shutter release button built into your case. Nifty. It's also, as a case, perfectly good. Thin and lightweight, yet sturdy enough to actually protect your iPhone. And it comes in both black, and white.

The Quick-Flip case isn't just for the iPhone 5 either. It'll naturally work with the new iPhone 5s upon release thanks to the identical footprint, but the included adaptor means that you can also put this case to use with the iPod touch 5th generation as well.

Also included in the box with the Quick-Flip case is the Pro-Photo Adapter. This is a detachable piece that slots over the end of the case, and provides a tripod mount and a shoe mount from which you can attach any compatible camera attachments that you may want to use.

So, there's a lot of good, but what about the bad? There are some negative points to the Quick-Flip, the first being the price. While it's a targeted product for a targeted audience, it still costs $49.99 for what is at its core an iPhone case. As such, there's a good chance it will only appeal to the keenest of Olloclip photographers.

Other than price, the other biggest downer to the Quick-Flip is how tightly it fits your iPhone. In general use it isn't an issue, and it doesn't scratch the phone, but it's a real pain to extract once its in there. A minor point, and one you'll not really come across if you don't take your phone out of its case too often. But, it's still there.

The good

  • Simple idea, well executed
  • Flipping part of case also becomes a shutter release
  • Lightweight yet strong enough to protect your iPhone
  • UItimate case convenience for frequent Olloclip photographers
  • iPod touch 5th gen compatible
  • Pro-Photo Adapter adds another stage to the Olloclip experience

The bad

  • Expensive, whichever way you approach it
  • Very tight fitting, tough to extract your iPhone

The bottom line

If you take a lot of photos using an Olloclip lens, and you also want to keep your iPhone in a case, then this is the one for you. It's lightweight yet strong, and gives you almost instant access to the camera to clip on your lenses. It is expensive though, but then again, if you don't own an Olloclip you won't be looking at this case.

Richard Devine

Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy. Follow him on Twitter and Google+