Opera's gaming browser, Opera GX, is now in early access for macOS users

Opera GX
Opera GX (Image credit: macOS)

What you need to know

  • Opera's gaming browser, Opera GX, is now available to macOS users.
  • The browser is available as an early access version for Mac.
  • The browser is designed to alleviate some of the problems of online gaming, such as resource hogging.

Opera's slick gaming browser, Opera GX, is now available in early access on macOS.

The company announced the news over on its blog (opens in new tab) saying:

A month after releasing the test build of Opera GX for macOS in the exclusive test program, we are happy to announce that the early access version of Opera GX is ready for your Mac. While we are still working on the build and improving it with each update to ensure feature parity between macOS and Windows, the macOS browser is ready for you to use.

Opera GX is a browser designed specifically for gamers. Whilst its own research found that only 14% of people play computer games on their macOS devices as opposed to 82% on Windows, it believes the Mac is still a relevant market. In fact, Opera GX is designed to alleviate many of the issues those gaming online face when it comes to networking, memory and processor issues. The browser comes with tools allowing you to set limiters on network bandwidth, CPU and RAM usage to stop your browser stealing all of your Mac's resources. It also has a stunning user interface, Twitch integration, video pop-out function (for watching streams), a built-in ad blocker and more. It even has a feature called GX Corner, a marketplace that tracks new releases of games and the best deals.

You can check out a full video of Opera GX below! In the meantime, you can download Opera GX as an early access version for macOS now! (opens in new tab)

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  • The browser scene is interesting these days. Chrome became dominant in the market, many browsers now use the Chromium base including Opera. Firefox lives on its promise of keeping its rendering engine and its way of doing things, and Opera seems to be constantly trying to revive itself with unique ideas. Not sure a "gaming web browser" is something anybody needs, the fact that this browser allows you to cap the CPU/RAM usage is more showing what's wrong with Chrome and Chromium rather than implementing something useful. If you're really a PC gamer, you'd close your web browser when playing games, especially if you're on a Mac