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What you need to know

  • The OPPO Watch and Band are now much more integrated with iPhone and iPad.
  • That's because OPPO's HeyTap Health companion app is now on the App Store.
  • It delivers notifications and can even sync with Apple Health.

The OPPO Watch and OPPO Band are now more compatible than ever with devices like the iPhone 12 and the iPad, thanks to OPPO's HeyTap Health app for iOS and iPadOS.

As reported by XDA Developers:

OPPO Watch and OPPO Band users can now use their devices with iPhones and iPads as OPPO's HeyTap Health companion app is now available on the Apple App Store. The companion app records and visualizes fitness tracking data collected by OPPO's smart wearables, offers customization options, and even syncs with Apple Health.

It means users of the OPPO Watch and Band can get iOS notifications to their OPPO device on their wrist, whilst tracking all of their daily health metrics, which now sync with the Apple Health App. Whilst it's still not the fully integrated experience of Apple's own smartwatches, some of these features will make the OPPO Watch and Band a more viable alternative to the best Apple Watch models currently available.

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Using the app, users can also customize their OPPO Watch and OPPO Band watch face, and there are also personalized workout settings and more. From the app's description:

HeyTap Health is a personal fitness app that records and visualizes your workout and health statistics and allows you to manage your OPPO smart wearable devices.

Workout and health statistics

Get a better understanding of your workout and health data from OPPO Watch and OPPO Band.

  • Tracks your SpO2 data (Only supported by OPPO Band)
  • Tracks your sleep and evaluates your sleep quality
  • All-day heart rate monitoring
  • Tracks your daily activities and provides workout guidance

Manage smart devices

Pair your OPPO Watch or OPPPO Band with the app to explore more features. - Receive notifications on your wearable devices - Pick your favorite one from a collection of watch faces - Choose your own style for the AI Outfit watch face (Only supported by OPPO Watch) - Customize your personal workout and health settings

You can download the new HeyTap Health app from the App Store:

HeyTap Health

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