Otterbox Pursuit iPhone Case review: Tough but pocketable

The Otterbox Pursuit iPhone Case offers excellent drop protection, but it's on the slimmer side of heavy-duty cases. This is a two-piece case that does not include a built-in screen protector but it does easily accommodate a separate one.

The Good

  • Heavy-duty protection
  • Not overly bulky
  • Lanyard included
  • Lightning port plug
  • Wireless charging compatible

The Bad

  • Not easy to put on and take off
  • Pricey

Heavy-duty case

Otterbox Pursuit iPhone Case: Features

Otterbox Pursuit iPhone Case

The Otterbox Pursuit iPhone Case is a two-piece case. To insert the phone into the case, remove the front frame and place the phone into the back portion. Then, place the frame on top. The edges of the case are rubbery and flexible, but it still isn't easy to take the two pieces apart and put them together. Once the phone is in place, it feels very secure.

The edges of the case are quite grippy. The button covers for the Sleep/Wake button and volume buttons are nice and clicky. There are precision cutouts for the camera and mute switch. There is a hinged plug for the Lightning port that opens easily to give you access to it. The hole is big enough to not only my Apple charging cable though, but also a larger third-party cable I have. It does stay securely closed when not in use. Note that despite the plug, this is not considered to be a waterproof case. There is not a built-in screen cover, but the case accommodated my glass edge-to-edge screen protector just fine.

The Otterbox Pursuit iPhone Case offers heavy-duty protection without excess bulk

There is an anchor for a lanyard in this case, basically two small holes next to the Lightning port plug. The included lanyard is long enough to go around the wrist, not around the neck. You certainly don't have to use the lanyard if you don't wish to; the case doesn't look like it's missing something without it. The edge of the case comes well up over the level of the screen, so if you place your phone facedown it won't contact the surface.

The speakers on the bottom of the phone appear to be blocked, but actually, they aren't. Rather, the sound is redirected to the bottom front of the phone, where there is audio-transparent mesh. Sound goes right through with no issues. Wireless charging still works fine with your phone inside this case.

The Otterbox Pursuit iPhone Case comes in four colors: Black, Black/Clear, Merlin (black and gray), and Autumn Lake (blue and brown). It's available for all of the iPhone models from the iPhone 7/8 to the current lineup.

Protective but functional

Otterbox Pursuit iPhone Case: What I like

I like that this case is so protective, but it's still slim enough to easily fit in my pocket or bag. I also like that even though it's a tough case, the phone is still fully functional within the case, including wireless charging. The included lanyard is a nice touch.

Otterbox Pursuit iPhone Case

Doesn't slip on and off easily

Otterbox Pursuit iPhone Case: What I don't like

I struggled with it a bit to get this case on my phone. Taking it off took some time too, though it wasn't as difficult as putting it on. The color options are pretty limited, and none are to my personal taste.

Worthwhile investment

Otterbox Pursuit iPhone Case: Bottom line

While this is by no means a cheap case, if it keeps your iPhone safe, it's worth the money. This case sits in a great spot between lightweight and heavy-duty: it's at the more protective end of the scale without being terribly bulky.

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