Best clear cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6 and 6s have a gorgeous design and for many folks, it's not something we want to cover up, particularly if you opted for the gold model. That being said, if it makes you nervous to think about carrying your iPhone around naked, we understand that too.

That's what a great clear case is for! This way you can rest assured your iPhone 6 or 6s is safe, without adding a bulky or unattractive case you really didn't want in the first place.

However, not all clear cases are created equal. These are our favorite transparent cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s!

Case-Mate Naked Tough Case

The Naked Tough case by Case-Mate consists of two parts, a bumper and an outer shell. From afar you won't even notice this case, especially if you opt for the completely clear model. It gives you just enough grip to hold on to but won't stick to the insides of your pockets or pick up lint.

The buttons are super easy to press, which is a must with cases like this. There's a smoke black transparent option too, but the clear case is perfect if you want a minimalist look!

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Poetic Atmosphere series

I have always loved the feel of Poetic Atmosphere cases and the clear case for iPhone 6 is no exception. This case is slightly more rigid than most silicon clear cases, adding a level of durability. The edges can also be outfitted with an accent color if that's your thing.

The Poetic Atmosphere looks and feels super high quality and, for less than $15, it's by far one of our favorite budget clear cases.

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Case Ace Crystal Clear

If ultra clear and ultra thin is what you want, the Case Ace is for you. It is one of my favorite see-through cases because it's so thin.

Buttons are easy to push and for the most part, you'll forget you have a case on your iPhone 6 (which is exactly what you want with a transparent case)! Just remember that thin, light, and ultra clear also means minimal protection.

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Power Support Air Jacket

If you don't like branding on cases, the Power Support Air Jacket is for you. It's a perfectly clear case that perfectly encases your iPhone 6 in a truly clear and unmarked shell.

It feels great in the hand and even comes in a few different finish styles including clear, smoke, and matte. And if clear isn't your thing, there's a solid black option as well.

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Caseology iPhone 6 Clear Case

Our favorite clear cases for iPhone 6

If you want clear but also want a touch of color, the Caseology Clear Case for iPhone 6 gives you just that. It functions like more of a bumper with a built-in clear back guard.

You can choose many different colors for the trim, or just opt for clear. The lip around the edge is also raised just slightly in order to protect the screen should you drop your iPhone face down.

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Spigen Case Capsule Clear Case

Spigen makes awesomely precise, laser cut, high quality products. Their Capsule Clear case for iPhone 6 is no exception. It's clear, grippy, and looks great.

As with all Spigen clear cases, the Capsule is treated with a coating to prevent against yellowing in the future. If you've had trouble in the past with yellowing cases, this one won't disappoint you.

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Case-Mate Tough Air Case

If you want something smooth that also offers a little more texture and grip, the Tough Air Case by Case-Mate is a great choice. It features grids on the back inside that let it absorb a little more shock than most others.

There are tons of fun edge colors to choose from too, and of course you can go for straight up clear if you prefer.

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What's your favorite clear case to use?

These are our absolute favorites when it comes to keeping our iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s protected without complete covering it up.

We know there are lots of transparent case options out there to suit all kinds of personalities. If you found something different that you think is totally awesome, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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