Best clear cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6 and 6s have a gorgeous design and for many folks, it's not something we want to cover up, particularly if you opted for the gold model. That being said, if it makes you nervous to think about carrying your iPhone around naked, we understand that too.

That's what a great clear case is for! This way you can rest assured your iPhone 6 or 6s is safe, without adding a bulky or unattractive case you really didn't want in the first place.

However, not all clear cases are created equal. These are our favorite transparent cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s!

Case-Mate Naked Tough Case

The Naked Tough case by Case-Mate consists of two parts, a bumper and an outer shell. From afar you won't even notice this case, especially if you opt for the completely clear model. It gives you just enough grip to hold on to but won't stick to the insides of your pockets or pick up lint.

The buttons are super easy to press, which is a must with cases like this. There's a smoke black transparent option too, but the clear case is perfect if you want a minimalist look!

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Poetic Atmosphere series

I have always loved the feel of Poetic Atmosphere cases and the clear case for iPhone 6 is no exception. This case is slightly more rigid than most silicon clear cases, adding a level of durability. The edges can also be outfitted with an accent color if that's your thing.

The Poetic Atmosphere looks and feels super high quality and, for less than $15, it's by far one of our favorite budget clear cases.

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Case Ace Crystal Clear

If ultra clear and ultra thin is what you want, the Case Ace is for you. It is one of my favorite see-through cases because it's so thin.

Buttons are easy to push and for the most part, you'll forget you have a case on your iPhone 6 (which is exactly what you want with a transparent case)! Just remember that thin, light, and ultra clear also means minimal protection.

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Power Support Air Jacket

If you don't like branding on cases, the Power Support Air Jacket is for you. It's a perfectly clear case that perfectly encases your iPhone 6 in a truly clear and unmarked shell.

It feels great in the hand and even comes in a few different finish styles including clear, smoke, and matte. And if clear isn't your thing, there's a solid black option as well.

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Caseology iPhone 6 Clear Case

Our favorite clear cases for iPhone 6

If you want clear but also want a touch of color, the Caseology Clear Case for iPhone 6 gives you just that. It functions like more of a bumper with a built-in clear back guard.

You can choose many different colors for the trim, or just opt for clear. The lip around the edge is also raised just slightly in order to protect the screen should you drop your iPhone face down.

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Spigen Case Capsule Clear Case

Spigen makes awesomely precise, laser cut, high quality products. Their Capsule Clear case for iPhone 6 is no exception. It's clear, grippy, and looks great.

As with all Spigen clear cases, the Capsule is treated with a coating to prevent against yellowing in the future. If you've had trouble in the past with yellowing cases, this one won't disappoint you.

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Case-Mate Tough Air Case

If you want something smooth that also offers a little more texture and grip, the Tough Air Case by Case-Mate is a great choice. It features grids on the back inside that let it absorb a little more shock than most others.

There are tons of fun edge colors to choose from too, and of course you can go for straight up clear if you prefer.

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What's your favorite clear case to use?

These are our absolute favorites when it comes to keeping our iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s protected without complete covering it up.

We know there are lots of transparent case options out there to suit all kinds of personalities. If you found something different that you think is totally awesome, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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  • I really like the Tech21 Impactology clear case. It has a white edge to it, very similar to the Casemate you show. It is very thin but durable and protects the entire edge of the phone. I think it's a great combination of minimalism and protection. Sent from the iMore App
  • I also LOVE Tech21. I have four different Tech21 cases for my 6+ and I love them all. They protect very well, while still looking really cool.
  • Note that the Tech21 clear case sold at Apple Stores is different - and better - than the one sold everywhere else, including Tech21's own website. The newer design that Apple sells is thinner yet protects better than the (still good) older design. It has a different name, can't remember what it's called offhand but you'll see it if you compare.
  • I love the Tech21 as well, however, my son had the one you describe from the apple store. He was sitting at his desk at school and was handing it to a friend. She dropped it and the screen shattered. They look nice but I no longer believe they serve much protection.
  • Honestly I just use a otterbox symmetry. Yes, there's bulk, but I use my phone with two hands anyway so I don't think it's too big a deal. For a slimmer clear case I'd throw in the incipio NGP clear case
  • I picked up the Insignia Clear Case for my iPhone 6 at Best Buy. Very nice case, buttons are super easy to press. This should be a Top 10 IMO at $14.99. ^-^
  • Why are they all clear cases? I like my wallet iPhone 6 Plus case, BookBook..
  • I think the title of the article will answer your question.
  • Look at the title :) I'll do other kinds of cases in future roundups :)
  • I use the Shumuri Slim Extra. Doesn't offer much above scratch protection, but adds almost no extra size/weight, and has a slight raised edge around the camera for some extra protection.
  • I like the Power Support Air Jacket that is available at The Apple Store. It comes in a regular clear version and a clear "matte" version. I have both but I prefer the matte version because it gives it a little grip while still showing off the iPhone as if it was naked. It also has a raised lip so that you can place it face down and not worry about scratching the screen. It's available for several iPhone models. Absolutely love it! <3
  • I have this one, too (Smoke version). A bit difficult to get on and off, but looks great, feels great/adds grip, and offers good protection for the type of case it is... Sent from the iMore App
  • The Air Jacket's been great on my Moto X - lets its looks shine through, adds almost no bulk, fits snug and securely, allows access to everything, protects and very scratch resistant over a full year. Glad to know it's available for Apple's if my next phone's the 2nd gen of the "big iPhones".... ...I've noticed their products never turn up in these kind of review articles, though. That should be remedied.
  • I bought the Case Mate Naked Truth and after a few hours I returned it. Scratches easily and it feels cheap. Sent from the iMore App
  • How can you not mention the Power Support Air Jacket?! It's sold in official Apple Stores, and is arguably the best clear case out there, fit wise. Not big on clear cases myself though. Find many of them a tad tacky with the plasticky sheen they add.
  • #4 here with a thumbs-up for the Power Support Air Jacket for my iPhone 6 that's sold in the Apple stores. It's my third time getting one as I have one for my iPad Air 2 and used one on my old 5S. They fit perfectly and are as durable as any cases out there which justifies their higher price. I've dropped mine phone from 3 feet in hard floors and have had no issues. The manufacturer claims to make these from an "ultralight-thin self-healing poly-carbonate" and its a great material. Light scratches just disappear. And it has a small lip that protrudes to protect phone when laying it face down. It's a little hard to get the phone in and out of this case because it's engineered to be such a tight fit and the material isn't very maleable but this is what makes the case so good as it is super protective when installed! Btw, the Poetic is also a very good and durable case especially considering it's low price. What's cool about this case is the combination of the dark grey hard rubber like material all over the edges fused with the poly-carbonate.
  • ...AND there's no tacky branding on them, which is a +100000000 in my book. Sent from the iMore App
  • Agreed. I'm a big fan of the "rubber black" variant.
  • Adding it, thanks!
  • I used to love clear cases, but I've noticed they change or get a tint over time. I've removed and washed them thoroughly, but they don't stay "clear" forever.
  • I've found Spigen to not yellow over time.
  • I've had my Spigen since September, and it definitely did not turn yellow. It is turning blue though. It also comes off way too easily when pulling it out of my pocket. Overall I'm not very happy with this case, but I guess you get what you pay for.
  • Mine did. Shipped last October. Different batch perhaps?
  • Read the second sentence of my comment, my case is turning blue.
  • I've actually bought two of these cases. The Spigen case, despite having anti-yellowing coating, looks yellow. The Caseology case doesn't fit right on the right side of the front. I realize that mine could simply be defective, but I am thinking they are just as they seem to be. Cheap, low quality cases. The only case I've bought for my iPhone 6 that is worth anything is Apple's own silicone and leather cases. They fit perfect and feel great.
  • RE: the caseology... I too thought it was a fluke that mine was defective. Mine did not "fit like a glove", in fact, there was extra room around the buttons and I could fit the edge of a penny where it wraps the front.
  • I would never buy a case with branding on it. I once bought one where they didn't have branding on it on the stock images and when it came it had obvious branding on it. I threw it away. shame on you Claudabe!
  • I really like the Incipio Feather clear case.
  • I was going to purchase a clear case for my 6, but decided to get Rhinoshield instead. Sent from the iMore App
  • I love the Veil XT by Caudabe, Super slim and make it feel naked!
  • The only cases I like are leather ones made by Apple. I too find these plastic cases tacky! Sent from the iMore App
  • iPhone 6 Plus Case,ULAK&reg; [Lumenair Series] Apple iPhone 6 Plus ... This is my lovely.
  • iPhone 6 otter box commuter case. Not that much bulk and lots of protection. I have dropped my iPhone and I'm glad I had my otter box to take the damage. Great case! Sent from the iMore App
  • I've been using the Luvvitt case on my 6 and my wife has it on her 6 plus. The gold edge matches the phone perfectly, it's a bit tacky so it helps with the grip and the back is clear. $9.99 on amazon makes it a winner. My only beef -- I used to put my business card in my phone case for a low-tech way to get it returned to me if it got lost but the clear back makes that an ugly idea. Oh well...
  • I've been using the Insignia clear case from BB for 7 months. Fits and feels great. No yellowing so far.
  • Has anyone experienced any dis-coloration with these cases? I used an I-Blason clear case and turned gold with my 6 Plus. Sent from the iMore App
  • Clear cases are getting better. I've found Spigen to be the best in terms of not yellowing.
  • I use a clear Luvvitt case on my iPhone 6 Plus. No yellowing or other discoloration after 3 months use..
  • I have the spigen ultra hybrid clear case but the tpu edges is yellowing so i just ordered the smoked tpu and hooefully it will not look yellow. Also this case WILL PROTECT YOUR PHONE FROM DROPS OF 4 feet !!! After a drop the tpu and clear back polycarbonate seems unscratched. So only yellowing on the tpu edges are negatives. Btw would spigen send me a new one if i contact them?
  • Are TPU cases usually enough protection? I'm worried that the material won't be impact resistant or shock absorbent enough
  • Material alone doesn't mean anything. It's how it's used. You can make a case from carbon fiber but if it's not weaved and layed in the right way (as is the case with almost all cases that use carbon fiber) then it really won't do much.
  • Well, the ngp case is a TPU only case. I was just wondering if that was going to be enough drop protection or if I should just stick to the candy she'll grip
  • I'm currently using a Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear and it's a great case.
  • I love my casemate glam! It's just like the 1st option, but it's glittery and gold which is perfect for my gold iPhone. I've tried using a wallet case and I just don't like how bulky they are. The Casemate naked/glam has a bumper and then the clear case. I've owned two now (concrete accident) and they've done a great job.
  • My iPod Touch 5th gen (current model) and my iPod Nano 5th gen both have clear SwitchEasy cases that are terrific, and was wondering if their clear plastic case for the iPhone 6 (which I just bought weeks ago) is as good. The iPod Touch case fits perfectly and includes a few screen protectors that worked reasonably well, although they start looking dull or show scratches after awhile. But the case itself is still perfectly clear. It gets everything right - it has extension buttons (rather than just cutouts) for the volume and power buttons, and the other openings are cut very exactly. They've protected both devices from a few falls onto pavement. Reasonably priced too.
  • I used to really love Switcheasy cases, but their current designs don't do anything for me.
  • Mine's a "Liquid" from 'id America.' They call it 'Rigid-flex', it's a silicone case MUCH nicer than the cheap, rather bulky one I originally got from Verizon. It comes in a couple of colors, but I chose 'clear' (what they call "Crystal Clear").
    They advertise it as light and form-fitting, "Let's your iPhone still feel like an iPhone," and I've found that to be true. It adds little bulk to the shape of the phone, but it seems much less likely to slip out of my hand.
    The only 'branding' on the thing is a line of white fine print along the edge near the lower right corner of the back of the phone, "Born in New York." I think it goes along nicely with "Designed by Apple in California."
  • Are these all hard plastic cases? The best cases by far I've used are TPU cases made by Diztronic. They are $8.95 on Amazon right now (4.6 star avg. review). I've been using Diztronic cases for years now. One case from them lasts me the lifetime of the phone, and they're so affordable. I wouldn't recommend any other brand at the time of writing. For those wondering, yes, TPU cases provide plenty of protection. I've dropped my phone lots of times and it's not damaged at all. Edit: Well, I didn't see the word "clear" in the title. That explains a lot. I don't know if Diztronic makes clear cases or not.
  • I'm happy with my VarioProtect Clear from ZeroChroma. Has an adjustible kickstand.
  • I have never used any other case on any of my iPhones and rock the Seidio Convert case in black with a holster that comes with the combo which I now use for my IP 6. I love it and it holds up over a long period of time and I have never had an issue with them. Seed is now and will always be my choice.
  • The most low profile naked case for the iphone 6/6S is the Reboos Go Clear series. It's almost invisible but still protects your phone from scratches and minor dings. You can read the reviews for it on Amazon, search for Reboos iPhone 6 clear case and you can see it there.
  • Spigen Liquid Crystal has worked very well for me. Thin, full protection, but not bulky. Thinner and more comfortable in the hand than the Capsule.
  • Mine says Spigen Air Cushion Technology... I forget the exact name. I wanted both a Flygrip and a dbrand skin, so I got a clear case with the most discrete branding I could find. Be careful with Amazon. They were "so kind" as to upgrade me to an iPhone 6s Plus case, when I ordered one for the 4.7" model, and then they were "so kind" as to offer me a refund, minus shipping, for their mistake. So I bought the same case on Walmart's site, and though it took nine days, I got the right case, and for about a buck less. (I'm not advocating Walmart by any means. Nine days is nuts. But Amazon sucks when it comes to cases. They sent me a case for a 2012 Nexus 7 when I ordered the one for my 2013. I will never buy a case from them again. I like Amazon in general, but until their return policy improves or their shipping centers do... it's a real gamble.
  • Loving the Otterbox Statement. Sent from the iMore App
  • I bet u can fool ya mates with these.... They get shocked as u drop u'r phone, bt then they clm down when you tell them, "no,, i just use a clear case"
  • Hands down....Rok-Form!! Their case kept my first iPhone looking new that my sister is still using it. Now for my 6s, I have Rok-Forms clear case with black trim. They make the best case in my opinion! Sent from the iMore App
  • Ringke Fusion
  • I really like the Ringke Fusion for 6(s)Plus for its price and protection. Just received the Spy by Totallee and I think we have a winner here. It's thin and has adequate protection and really lets my iPhone shine through. Very inexpensive on Amazon.
  • I have literally tried all of the cases mentioned but they are so darn expensive, way overpriced for what you get! Plus I wanted something with artwork on because I change my cases pretty much every other day. After years of trying to find a stylish case that wasn't bulky, not too expensive and protection for my phone, I bought two, one from Cases by CSERA and one from Ringke. By far the cases by csera one is best value for money, protects like a dream and the amount of styles they have blew my mind!
  • I'm using a clear case from Speck. Yes, it has a semi-transparent "Speck" on the back but it's between the  and "iPhone" and blends in well. I don't really notice it now. It has extra protection on the corners and a nice lip on the face too. It adds a little extra bulk but the phone will survive if dropped.