Argest Ingest Pro ScreenshotSource: OWC

What you need to know

  • OWC has announced ArGest Ingest Pro, new software designed for ingesting data from tapes, disks, and other media.
  • The new app can import multiple types of data with a single click.

OWC has today announced a new piece of software that's designed to make it easier to ingest all kinds of data from tapes, disks, and memory cards onto a Mac. ArGest IngestPro is available for download now and is priced at $999.

Announced via press release, the new software is aimed at businesses that have large amounts of data sent by clients, often on tapes and other types of removable media. Handling that media and the files on it can be a pain, and ArGest IngestPro is designed to make everything easier.

ArGest® IngestPRO automatically identifies if the tape has BRU, LTFS, or tar files, and with one simple click, you start ingesting the tape data to your Mac with library support enabled. You can also ingest data from HDDs/SSDs/CDs/DVDs and camera cards for a comprehensive ingest tool. Bottom line, if you can connect the media type to your computer, ArGest® IngestPRO can process it.

As you might expect, such a specialist piece of software isn't cheap. ArGest IngestPro is available for download now and is priced at $999.

Highlights include:

  • Simple: choose your source type, source device, tape type, and click…that's it!
  • Comprehensive: ingest data on BRU, LTFS, and tar tapes, disks, and camera cards
  • Custom: choose to ingest specific content only
  • Convenient: ejects tape from drive when ingest is complete
  • Cost-effective: get most use life from tapes by choosing to overwrite existing files

Today's announcement comes days after the company also announced the Mercury Pro LTO tape backup solution, another example of business-oriented moves from OWC.