Peel Super Thin iPhone Case review: Least possible case

This is a great case for what it is, and that is a form-fitting, ultra-thin case. It is not going to protect your phone from major drops, so I cannot recommend this case for klutzy types. If you really would prefer a nude iPhone but want just a little bit of protection, this is a case you should check out. It adds almost no noticeable bulk to your phone, and will at least protect your phone from scratches.

The Good

  • Perfectly form-fitting
  • Super thin
  • Raised camera lip
  • Lots of color choices
  • Not bulky
  • Precise cut-outs
  • No logo or visible branding

The Bad

  • Pricey for what it is
  • Not protective against drops

Ultimate thinness

Peel Super Thin iPhone Case: What I like

It's always hard to review a case like this, because it's for such a specific market. If you tend to drop your phone at all, or if you don't have AppleCare+ or any kind of insurance on your phone, I really can't recommend it. That said, if you're not in that group and you just want an absolute minimum case, this one is just about perfect.

Peel's Super Thin iPhone Case is exactly what it says in the name. At just 0.35mm thick, it adds almost no bulk to your phone at all. Every button, switch, port, and speaker hole has its own precise cut-out. Nothing is obstructed in any way. The camera's cutout is just as precise, though there is a raised lip around it so when you set your phone down, the camera is not touching the surface. There really isn't a raised lip around the screen bezel; it comes just about even with it.

The case is available for every iPhone as far back as the iPhone 6. It comes in up to eight different colors, depending on which model you buy. Some colors like the Rose Gold you see on my phone in the photos are translucent, so you can see the Apple Logo through it. Others are completely opaque, like the Jet White and Blackout shades seen in my photos.

I appreciate that Peel does not put any branding or logo on this case. You really do retain the beautiful lines of your iPhone with this case.

Not for droppers

Peel Super Thin iPhone Case: What I don't like

Just don't even consider this case if you tend to drop your phone. There is no real traction on the case, so it's just as slippery as a naked iPhone. It's really too thin to protect your phone if you were to drop it on a hard surface.

While this isn't a particularly expensive phone, it's kind of expensive for what it is. Peel's Super Thin Case will protect your phone from getting scratched, but that's about it.

Super Thin Perfection

Peel Super Thin iPhone Case: Bottom line

With the major caveat that this case will not offer much if any drop protection, this is a perfect case for the minimalist who just wants a tiny bit of protection without adding bulk to their iPhone.

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