Penultimate updated with improved pens, page-turning and Jot Script support

A new version of Penultimate, the Evernote-owned real-life notebook app for iPad, is rolling out now through the App Store. Penultimate version 5.2 introduces a redesigned pen selection menu, allowing you to choose the width of your pen, and easier swapping without having to reselect your color.

The new pen selection menu also brings improved support for Adonit's Jot Script stylus, allowing simpler connectivity from within the app. It's now easier to navigate through pages in portrait mode, and there's a handful of visual changes too, such as new animations for page-turning and opening and closing notebooks. That's in addition to a bunch of performance improvements, too, including smoother ink rendering and better palm recognition.

Any regular Penultimate users out there? Let us know how you're getting on with the new version.

Download: Penultimate for iPad

Alex Dobie