Philips hue announces fancy new 3D-printed Wi-Fi-connected lamps

Philips announced a batch of new Wi-Fi connected lighting products today, including this handsome number made through 3D printing. There are both hanging and table 3D luminaries with Philips' signature color LED bulb inside, which, like usual, you can control and program with your iPad or iPhone. The Entity pendant lamp designed by WertelOberfell is going for a whopping 2,999€ (a little over $4100 USD) and the Tempest table lamp designed by Strand + Hvass costs 2,499€ ($3400 USD) with pre-orders starting March 31.

On the more affordable side of things, Philips also announced a new bulb called the lux, which is a white-only version of their current bulb, and the hue tap which is a programmable four-button touch switch. You can snag a lux bulb for $40 on its own, or get a starter kit with two bulbs and a bridge for $100.

Those 3D-printed lamps are outside of my price range for sure, but the hue tap could be handy; more than once, it's been a hassle finding my phone to turn off my hue lights before heading out the door. The new lux bulbs are also a nice, cheaper alternative for those that don't need the full range of colors in their lights (which, let's be fair, is more of a novelty than anything else). Hit up the Philips hue site for more info on the new products and the rest of their stuff.

Simon Sage

Editor-at-very-large at Mobile Nations, gamer, giant.