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What you need to know

  • Philips Hue's 19/20 catalog has been leaked on the web.
  • It appears to reveal a new range of outdoor lights.
  • Hue could be set to reveal the new products at CES in January of next year.

A leak appears to suggest that Philips plans to announce a new range of outdoor Hue smart lights next year.

According to Hueblog via 9to5Mac, Hue is set to launch a new range of outdoor smart lights at CES in January of 2020. The report claims that the official product catalog for 2019/20 has been leaked on the net and that there are new white and color ambiance models revealed within.

Philips looks to follow up its 2018 Hue Lily with a new, Hue Lily XL. It is said to be around 5 inches wide, putting out 1,200 lumens, double the 640 in the previous model.

Lily XLSource: Hueblog

Other new reported products include a new Impress wall light. It is similar to the current 24V model, however, it has a power cable, rather than requiring a fixed power connection.

There's also reportedly a brand new set of lamps called Nyro, which come as path or wall lamps and have a very cool angular design. Hue Resonate appears to be another wall lamp, along with the Hue Appear and the Daylo. There's also a classic wall lamp named Hue Attract.

Away from actual lights, Hue also has plans for a new power-unit with 40 watts, a more eco-friendly option. You can read a full rundown of all the purported leaked models over at Hueblog. The piece suggests that Hue may be planning to announce these products at CES in January of next year. This seems to be based solely on the notion that Philips announced new Hue lights at CES 2019, there is no indication of a potential release date according to the leaked products themselves.