ConvertingSource: CYME

What you need to know

  • Photo migration suite Avalanche has been updated with support for Apple's M1 Macs.
  • The update promises "outstanding" performance and is free to existing users.

CYME has today confirmed that its Avalanche apps have been updated to support Apple's M1 chip.

In a press release the company stated:

CYME today announces the latest updates to their line of Avalanche apps : Avalanche for Lightroom v1.3.5 and Avalanche Unlimited/Luminar v1.2.5. All versions of Avalanche now run natively on Macs powered by Apple's new M1 chip. Performance is outstanding and will make photo migrations even faster. No more Rosetta 2 emulation needed to run Avalanche and enjoy the speed and power of Apple Silicon.

Avalanche's apps are designed to convert catalogs of photographs across applications while preserving organizational structure, tags, annotations, and keywords, and adjustments made to the catalog like cropping and straightening. From CYME:

Avalanche uses Machine Learning to automatically adjust the edits you made on a photo to ensure that it looks exactly(*) the same after migration. Not all adjustments made to your photos require AI. Some, like geometrical adjustments (e.g. straighten, crop) are carried across very precisely. Avalanche uses AI for : White balance, Exposure and light, Color and Tint, Highlights and Shadows.

Avalanche is also extremely fast and has been clocked moving 100,000 photos to Lightroom from Aperture libraries in less than an hour. The new update reportedly brings "outstanding" performance upgrades thanks to Apple's M1 chips, so Avalanche is getting even faster.

Great news for existing users, the M1 Mac update is free. If you don't already own Avalanche for Luminar or Lightroom, then you can purchase those for $59 or $119 respectively. The former through CYME's developer store, and the latter from either there or the App Store.