Phyn's new water sensor protects your home from leaks without the wires

Phyn Smart Water Sensor detecting a water leak
Phyn Smart Water Sensor detecting a water leak (Image credit: Phyn LLC)

What you need to know

  • Phyn has launched a new wireless smart water accessory.
  • The Phyn Smart Water Sensor detects the presence of water with instant notifications and alerts.
  • Additional accessories are also available that extend the sensor's coverage area.

Phyn has announced the release of its latest smart water accessory on Thursday, the wire-free Phyn Smart Water Sensor. Phyn's new sensor, like the best smart water-leak detectors, aims to prevent significant water damage in the home by alerting owners the moment that a water leak is detected through notifications, and audio and visual alerts.

"At Phyn, we want to make it as simple as possible for people to protect their homes from the crippling effects and high cost of water damage," said Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn. "From the Phyn Plus, our professional whole-home monitoring system, to the DIY Phyn Smart Water Assistant, and the newly released Smart Water Sensor, our broad range of products makes it accessible for all homeowners to start taking proactive measures to secure their homes."

The Phyn Smart Water Sensor sports an incredibly compact footprint, measuring just 3.5-inches wide, allowing convenient placement near common household appliances and fixtures. The sensor features a set of contacts underneath its frame, enabling water detection without external probes or wires out of the box, giving it a clean overall appearance.

Phyn's sensor runs for up to two years on four AA batteries, and when replacement is needed, users are notified through the free Phyn app — available on iOS and Android. Connection to the app is made possible via built-in Wi-Fi networking, which doesn't require a dedicated hub, additional accessories, or even a subscription fee.

Through the Phyn app, users can set up water detection alerts, review status history, and access metrics such as temperature and humidity. When the Phyn Smart Water Sensor detects the presence of water, users are notified either through push notifications or SMS, and the sensor hardware also includes onboard audible and visual alarms.

While the Smart Water Sensor works as a standalone accessory, the new sensor is compatible with the Phyn Plus smart water shutoff valve, adding an additional layer of protection. When the sensor detects a leak, owners of the Phyn Plus can shut off the main water supply line for their home remotely with a tap in the Phyn app.

Phyn Smart Water Sensor Accessories in use at various locations

Phyn Smart Water Sensor Accessories in use at various locations (Image credit: Phyn LLC)

Phyn is also introducing two accessories for the Smart Water Sensor that expand coverage capabilities alongside the new release. The Phyn Smart Water Sensor Extension Node allows for placement underneath narrow spaces like underneath a refrigerator or washing machine, while the Phyn Water Sensor Cable adds four feet of additional coverage. Multiple extension cables can be added — up to 12-feet, and the cable itself can detect leaks when any part of it becomes wet.

The Phyn Smart Water Sensor is available now through, as well as through Amazon, Best Buy, and Home Depot. The wireless sensor retails for $39.99 for a single unit, and multi-packs will be available later this Spring. Pricing for the sensor accessories start at $9.99 for the Extension Node and $25.99 for the Sensor Cable.

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