Picture in Picture returns to YouTube in iOS 14.5 beta

iOS 14 Hero Picture In Picture
iOS 14 Hero Picture In Picture (Image credit: Rene Ritchie)

What you need to know

  • Multiple users are reporting that Picture in Picture has returned to iOS 14.5 in the most recent beta, but only for web browsers.

Multiple users of the new iOS 14 beta indicate that Picture in Picture for YouTube has returned to Safari and indeed other browsers!

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9to5Mac's Ben Mayo noted the change early Wednesday morning stating:

I dunno if fluke or what but PIP works for YouTube videos in iPhone Safari again. Not sure if YouTube stopped blocking it or it's just a bug.

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Whilst Picture in Picture has been limited to Safari (it doesn't work in the YouTube app), MacRumors Tim Hardwick notes the feature also works in every browser on his iPhone.

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Previously limited to Premium Users, PIP first came to iOS 14 and the general public in October. Apple announced PIP with iOS 14 at WWDC last year, from our report:

The iPhone finally supports Picture-in-Picture (PiP) thanks to iOS 14. This means that whenever you're watching a video in an app (it will need to support this feature), you can swipe back to the Home screen, and the video continues to play in PiP mode. You're able to move it around the screen and reposition it where you want it, as well as resize it if necessary.But remember, this feature only works if the app developer has allowed it. From reports, it appears that the YouTube app does not support PiP unless you are a Premium subscriber.

Picture in Picture allows viewers to watch YouTube videos on a small screen that can be dragged around to any position on your iPhone, allowing you to carry on with another task behind such as browsing social media or writing an email.

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